18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


30. End

What did you think of the book?

There will be a sequal called ...

"The Wild One"

Yea so. It should be up by next thursday. Might be up today. But ya know. Love y'all for the support. You know, when I first wrote this book. For the first three weeks or so. NOBODY commented or favorited or liked. And I was like bummer ):, but then I got one commet and I was like *Insert my retarted happy dance here* Wooo! Yeah, buddy! :D. And then it got 2nd most popular for this month. And I was like *dead*. And then yea.. So cant wait to write the sequal. Byes. Love you! <3


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