18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


27. Chapter Twenty-Six

-Harrys POV-

  "Lynn we have to finish the recording, I will take Aaden, him and Lux get along really well" I said as Lynn came and gave me a hug. "Love you, try not to give birth this time" I said pecking her lips, she giggled "Love you to, Harry" She said as I picked up Aaden "Loe you bubby" She said kissing Aadens forehead. We left the house. Lukliy the paps havent found were we live.

 We got to the recording to be greeted with questions

"Is that really your baby?"

"How did Lynn not gain any weight?"

"Is that Aaden?"

"Are you ready to be a father of two at the age of 18?"

   I ignored all the question and lead Aaden to the building. We got there and Lou came up to me "She is so cuyte!" She cooed showing me the picture Liam posted on facebook. Then it came into my head. Darcy needs a god parent. I called Lynn after Lou left "Hey Babe" She greeted

"Hey, I was thinking who is Aadens god parents?" I asked watching Aaden play around with Lux

"Louis and Melissa" She said

"Oh can Lou Teasdale be Darcys?" I asked "Lux is her kid, they get along really well"

"Yea" She said "Okay, Love you babe, gotta go, Darcy woke up" She said "Love you to" I said and she hung up.

"Hey Lou!" I said, she looked at me "Yea?" She asked sitting next to Lux and Aaden. "Would you like to be Darcys godmother?" I asked

She clapped her hands and hugged me "Yes!" She exclamied, I chuckled and started recording.

-Lynns POV-

 I got a crying Darcy out of Aadens old crib. I got her to stop crying and I sat her back in the crib and went into my room. I changed into a grey sweat-shirt ad black sweat-pants and black UGGs. I pulled my hair into a bun ontop of my head. I grabbed my purse and got Darcy. "You need stuff to eat" I cooed while pinching her nose, she giggled.

  We got to the store and I placed her in Aadens old carry on seat. I picked her up and walked into the store. I was greeted by a girl that looked around 13. "Hi! Your Amberlynn, Harry Styles girlfriend, right?" She asked. I nodded "Is that Darcy?" She asked pinting to Darcy, I nodded "Yes, thats her" I said, "Can you sign this?" She asked handing me a marker and magazine of me and Harry sleeping in that truk bed, "Sure" I said signing it. She cheeried "Do you have twitter?" I asked pulling 'Notes' up on my phone, she nodded "$Olivea$" She said, "Is you name Olivea?" I asked, she nodded "I will get the boys to follow you" I said she nodded and thanked me and walked away.

  I grabbed two packs of the bottles, diapers, and baby food. I also got two outfits,them in the trolly. I strolled up to the cashier and placed them on the scanner, "Is this your sister?" The cashier asked, she looked around 30.

"No, this is my daughter, Darcy" I said

"Ohh. Are you Amberlynn?" She asked

"Yes" I said

"Your dating Harry Styles, from that boy band, you've got two kids, right. My daughter bid 10, Jenna. She loves that band." She said

"Thats me, Aaden is my son, Harry is the father of both" I said. She nodded and rang up my iteams. I got in the car. Darcy started giggling.

  We got home and I fed Dracy and changed her diaper. I gave her a bottle and she drank it and drifted asleep. I placed her in her crib and made myself mac-and-cheese. When I was done I placed the bowl in the sink and sat on the couch. I drifted to sleep.

  -Harrys POV-

"She likes pink and brown!" Louis shouted as we got out of the car, "Okay" I said. Lou, Louis, and I walked into the baby store. We were going to buy stuff for Darcy. Lou went over to the clothing section as I got furniture. "Excuse me, sir?" I asked a buff looking worker "Yes?" He asked "Can you get me this crib?" I asked pointing to the large box, he nodded and got a lift-thing and placed the box on it. He gave it to me. "Thanks" I said.

  We left the place we a crib, clothes, bows, bottles, food, acceries for a room and many other things. We got in the car and Lou drove off. I got on my phone in search of houses.I scrolled threw many and found none. My eyes landed on a four bedroom house with three bathrooms. Is it possible to love this house in a day? It looked very homey. "Lou, can you drop me off at RedRidge 7430, instead?" I asked. "Sure" She said turning the car.

 We got to the place and I asked Lou to stay here. I walked into the open house. "Hello! Im Kerry!" The lady in a pencil skirt and blazer greeted. "Hi, Im Harry Styles" I said shaking her hand. "Look around" She said, I nodded and walked around. I eneterd the kitchen it wasnt too big but not to small. Perfect. I walked into the bedrooms they seemed perfect. I nodded in approvel. I hope she loved it as much as I do. I btolkd Kerry I would buy it. I filled out papers and did the things needed and she handed me the keys.

I texted and told the boys the plan. I walked outside. "This is my new home" I said, Lou cheeried. Louis and I carried the crib in and I sat it in the room that I picked for Darcy. It was a pink room. Louis and I sat up the room while Lou filled the kitchen with baby food. After we were done with that we drove to Lynns home.

"C'mon Lynn, Lou will watch Darcy. Liam has Aaden" I told Lynn as I dragged her out the door. She nodded. I placed her in the car and drove to my new home.

 We got there and walked inside. "Welcome home" I said. She gasped "Do you like it?" I asked worried she wouldnt. She nodded rapidly "Yes! Thank you Harry! You are the best boyfriend ever!" She shouted hugging me.

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