18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


21. Chapter Twenty

-Harrys POV-

 I got in my car and slammed the door shut with anger. I cried and placed my head on the sterring wall. What am I doing? Why did I call her a bitch? She hates me now. She's not gonna let me see Aaden ever again. I lost my love and my son. "Harry, your so stupid!" I screamed at myslef, this only made me cry harder, I picked up my phone and dialed the number that ment life or death.

"Hello?" Her voice croaked, thank god She answerd!

"Lynn! Im sorry, can I please explain?" I asked with a shaky voice

"I-I guess." She sighed, I smiled "I will be out in a second" She said and hung up.

A few seconds later se walked out. She got in the car and sat in the passengers seat, "Hey" I said "Explain" She stated

"I went to drop her off" I started "And she said I need to show you something, so I followed her. She led me on. She started it. She.. I-I just got turned on. Im sorry" I said and then started crying, her eyes got watery,

"But why? If you could tell I was already pissed at you. Its just I love you so much and it kills me to see you with other people. And you have a son. You need to respect that." She stated with tears running down both our cheeks.

"So, do you forgive me?" I asked hoppfully, she looked at me for a second.

"I dont know" She said and got out of the car and walked back into the house.

I hope that helped my chances with her. I watched her walk into the house and shut the door. I drove off to my mums house.

-Lynns POV-

Does he really think he can call me a bitch, TWICE, and cheat on me, TWICE and then just say sorry, and they be like 'Of course I frogive you!' No. That only happens in the movies. I walked over to the couch with all eyes on me. Aaden crawled into my lap and I ran my hand threw his hair. "What happened?" Louis asked me, "He just said he was sorry again" I said looking at him then at Aaden that looked so much like Harry. "What did you say?" Niall chimend in,

"I just... I didnt forgive him, but I didnt say I wouldnt after time" I explained

Liam nodded like he understood.

Zayn nodded.

Niall nodded.

Louis looked at me like I had 50 heads.

I just shook my head saying 'I dont want to hear it'. "Aadens when the last time you've had a bath?" I asked him, "Mummy when the last time you hwave hwad a bwath?" He mocked, I giggled then gave him a serouis look. "Two dways ago!" He exclamied dramaticlly, Oh mini Louis. "Liam!" I shouted "Yea?" He asked

"You! Give! Aaden! A! Bath! Now!" I shouted handing him Aaden cheeried. Nialls phone rang,

"Hello?..... Aw! Why?..... Uh, Fine... 239? 240? 241? and 242?.... Yeah.. probley... 300? Okay" He said and hung up,

"Managment doesnt like us living with Lynn, were moving. Tonight" He slumped, Louis puted and went to pack along with Zayn and Niall.

Afer a while. Liam was informed and went to pack. They all said bye and left.

"Well, looks like we have the house to our selves" I said while looking down at Aaden, he sighed, I giggled "Weres daddy?" He asked me.

What should I say? Hmmm.... UHmmm...

"He.. uh.. He... He was mean to mummy" I answerd, he looked at me  "Why?" He asked

"I dont know" I answerd, he sighed and nodded.

I hope he doesnt ask that again. Phew. Well lifes back to normal.. sort of... okay, not really.

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