18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


18. Chapter Seventeen

I looked at Aaden who looked at me with a confused face as I had a tear rolling down my cheek. "Mummy! Dont cry!" He exclamied, I wipped my tear. "Baby. Can you go stay with Aunt Melissa for today?" I asked him, not wanting him to see me like this. He nodded sadly. I quickley texted Melissa.

To: Lissa (:

Hey, can Aaden stay at yours for today? I will get him tommorow xx

From: Lissa (:

Yea, sure. Why?

I dreaded that question.

To: Lissa (:

Its something between Harry and I. Be over in 5. xx Loves ya

I threw my phone to the side. I picked up Aaden and grabbed my keys.

"Aliright, babe. I will get him tommorow" I smiled sadly at Melissa as I handed her Aaden. "Okay" She said with a half smile, I kissed Aadens forehead "Love you" I said rubbing his hair. "Love you, Bye!" He said as Melissa shut the door.

My phone was ringing as I eneterd the house. I looked at it to see 'LouBoo' I answerd.

"Hello?" I answerd sitting on the couch.

"Hey. Whats wrong?" Louis asked

"Harry" I said with tears in my eyes

"What he do?" Louis asked me

"H-He ch-cheated" I croaked before bursting into full tears

"That ass" He said before hanging up.

Oh god. Last time I had a boyfriend that cheated, Louis ended up with a lawyer. He punched him and my ex filed a police report. I love Louis, he does anything for me and Aaden. He was like Aadens dad. Louis is just like the brother I never had. I love him, I would do anything for him. Oh. Like that time when we were 15, this girl said Louis was a worthless, ugly, nobody. Louis was really depressed about it. So.... I tackled the girl to the ground and slapped her. Louis was just laughing while I smacked some sense in this girl. I got suspened for a week. But it was for Louis so I didnt care.`

I sat on the couch crying. What makes me sader (If thats a word) is Harry is off sleeping with some girl. And I bet he doesnt have a care in the world, like 'Oh! How is Lynn doing?' and 'Oh! I wonder what my son would think if he saw me sleeping with someone thats NOT his mum?'. Instead I bet he is like 'Who is that girl that I left at home and said I loved her? Oh well' and 'Do I have a son? Well this girl is more importent'.

I looked at the clock that said 12:00pm. I sighed. I suddenly felt sick. I ran to the bathroom, and threw up. I decide I should test it again. I quickley took the test. I waited and picked it up. Not pregnat. Thank god. I sighed and slid down the bathroom wall.

*December 1st*

"Mummy! Im cold!" Aaden shouted from outside. I looked at him, he wasnt wearing a coat and it was snowing. I rolled my eyes and held out a coat. He ran up to me and put it on.

The last mounth, Harry hasnt called. He called once. I ignored. The rest of the boys had called and cheeried me up. Though Louis is the only one that knows about the cheating. He has been playing it off. "Uncle Lou comes home today!" I said as I put golves on his small hands and a beanie on his curly hair. He clapped with exitment. He went over and started playing with Kax. I went inside for a brief second. I grabbed my coat. I walked back outside and Aaden was still chasing Kax. I pulled my black coat over my grey sweater. I pulled on a pair of black boots and tucked in my black skinny jeans. I pulled a white scarf around my neck and a white beanie over my black hair.

I walked inside with Aaden and Kax on my trail. I made Aaden and I hot coco. *KNOCK* I answerd the door to be hugged by a happy Louis. "Lou!" I shouted hugging him tightly. "I missed you!" He exclamied spinning me around. I let go and nodded. Aaden hugged Louis tightly. I hugged all the boys when I saw a grinnig Harry. Did he not know whats going on? I stood infront of him with my arms crossed "What?" He asked, his mood dropping

"Dont call me for a mouth then come back and say 'What?'" I said at him as the boys left us outside alone.

"I did call!" He shouted back

"Once! Harry! Once! You called once!" I shouted at him

"And you ingnored it!" He snapped "Why didnt you call?" He shouted at me

"Im mad you" I spat

"Why?" He asked confused. Really?

I raised and eyebrow "Really? You dont know why. Does The date of November Fourth ring abell?" I snapped,

-Harrys POV-

I thought. November 4th. I was. I was. Clubbing! And went home wityh someone. Oh my god. I cheated on her. And I only called once

"Oh my god. Lynn im so sorry!" I exclamied

"You didnt seem very sorry" She snapped at me

"I was drunk. I promise. I didnt mean too!" I begged

She looked at me. More like stared with a death glare. Bit scary. She just laughed harshly and shook her with her eyes rolling. She stomped inside. I sighed and walked inside to see Lopuis giving me a glare. Aaden was In Nialls lap playing with his blonde hair. Lynn groaned and held her stomaach. She ran upstairs and I heard a door shut. "What was that?" Niall asked, Aaden looked at Niall "Mummys, been sick for when you guys left" He answerd in a little birtish accent,I smiled at his voice. "Oh" I answerd. I walked up stairs followed by Louis. Louyis knocked on the door. "What?" Lynn choaked, "Whats wrong, babe?" Louis asked threw the door "I dont know" She asnwerd opening the door "I've been getting really sick lately" She said, "Are you um.. ya know?" Louis asked her, she laughed at shook her head. "I already took that test." She paused "Twice" She added. "Okay" He said rubbing her back, he walked back downstairs leaving me and Lynn alone.. Louis came back up and motioned me and Lynn to follow. We followed him into Lynns room. He quickley aprinted out and locked us in the room.

"Louis! Not Funny!" Lynn said pounding the door. "Lynn im sorry" I said causing her to spin. "Why didnt you call?!?!" She shouted "Dont say I didnt know! You did! You woke up next to a naked girl! DOnt say 'I was drunk'. Then why didnt you call the seconde you realized what you did?!?! I would have forgave you!" She shouted at me. Tears were in her eyes "I was scared" I responded she rolled her eyes "Man up, Harry! If I did that, I would have called that mouring and explained what happend!" SHe shouted in my face. "Lynn, Im so sorry. I love you. Only you! I promise. Im so sorry" I said grabbing her arm. She looked at me wityh her icy blue eyes stained red around them and tears in them. Because of me. She stared and then burst into tears. I hugged her and she cried into my chest. "IM sorry, Harry" She sobbed. What she was sorry for? "For what, love?" I asked "Being an arse" She laughed "You wernet. I was" I said wiping her tears. I lenaed in a kissed her lips passiontley.

"I love you, Harry" She said into my chest

"I love you too, AmberLynn" I answerd her and stroked her black hair.

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