18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


15. Chapter Fourteen

"Mummy? Can I play outside?" Aaden asked, "I guess" I sighed. "Jack doesnt know how to dress for November" I shook my head as I looked at his outfit. Red basketball jesery. Black basket-ball shorts. I ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of black sweatpants, white shortsleeved shirt, and blue nike jacket. I ran down stairs and changed him. I placed his clothed in the laundry room. "Alright!" I said. He sprinted outside and started playing. "Mummy?" Aaden called "Yea, babe?" I asked "Can Daniel come over and play?" He asked running up to me. "Let me call Mrs. Keegan" I said, he clapped and started playing again. I grabbed my phone and dialed the number


"Hi, Lisa, Aaden wants to know if Daniel can come play?" I asked

"Sure. We will be over at 12:00" Lisa said

"Alright, Bye" I said and hung up. "He will be over later!" I annoucend "Okay" Aaden shouted and started playing again. I Smiled. My phone buzzed.

"Hello?" I asked not looking at the caller I.D.

"Hey Babe" Harrys voice rang

"Hi!" I said "Whats up?" He asked "Nothing much. Aaden gonna have a friend over. Really it" I said, "Okay. Well I have to go. Love you" He said, "Love you too" I said and he hung up. I saw the fence gate crack open. A  toddler with bright blonde hair ran in. Daniel. "Hello Miss Thomas" A teenage girl around 16 greeted. "Hi, Kestra" I said. Kestra is Daniel older sister. "Oh my god. Your Harry Styles girlfriend!" She shoted. "Yes, I am. Are you a fan?" I asked, she nodded rapidely. "Okay. Want to talk to him?" I asked, "Yes. Please!" She yelled. I laughed and Called him and out him on speaker.

"Hey, Lynn" His voice greeted. Kestra squeled

"I have a fan with me" I said. "Her names Kestra, she is Aadens friends sister" I said

"Oh well. Any sister of my sons friend is my friend" Harry said, Kestra looked at me "He i-is th-the dad?" Kestra asked, shocked "Yea" I said. Harry chuckled "Hi Kestra" He said "Hi H-Harry" She said. "Well I will follow you on twitter. Tell Lynn the name and she will messaage me. I have to go. Love you Lynn. Bye Kestra" He said before hanging up. She gave me her twitter name. "I will be back at 2:00" She said and walked off.

The boys played for an hour. They took a rest and played for another hour. Lisa walked into the backyard "Hello Lisa" I said, Lisa was about 30. "Hello" She said "Daniel!" I shouted, The toddler pranted up to his mum. "Hey give these to your daughter, Kestra"  I said handing her two backstage, V.I.P meet and greet One Direction tickets. "Whoa. Were did you get those?" She asked, "Harry Styles is in the band. He is Aadens dad. Also my boyfriend" I said, "Oh. Congratulations. Thanks" She said taking the tickits and walking off. Aaden yawned. I chuckled and he followed me inside. I lied a pillow on the couch. Aaden layed down and I cover him up. I kissed his forehead "Love you" I said before he fell asleep.

Harrys POV

I sighed. Six more weeks.  I combed my hair out and the make-up people added finishing toouches. I took in a deep breath

"Now! Welcome our special guest. One Direction!" The host said, We jogged on stage. The fans went crazy. We sat on the couch. "Hello boys" The inteviwer greeted, "Hello" We said. "Im Jenna VanKuster, and this is Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. Better known as One Direction" Jenna said to the crowed we waved. "Alright boys. So love life?" Jenna asked

"Single" Zayn said

"Taken" Louis said

"Single" Liam said

"Single" Niall said

"Taken" I said

"Oh! Harry. Is this girl, as i've heard, AmberLynn Thomas?" Jenna asked, I nodded "Yes, thats the beautiful lady" I said, the crowd laughed quietly. "Now says almost the whole world. You two have a two year old boy, Aaden, Aaden Thomas right?" Jenna asked, I hestailtly answered "Yes, he is my child" I said. "Oh! Harry Styles. A dad!" Jenna shouted, the crowd exploded. "Okay Okay! So what are you looking forward to in your next concert?" Jenna asked, "Uh.. well were really just looking forward to seeing our fans. We are defintaltly looking forward to the session after our last concert" Liam answered, "And why is that?" Jenna asked "We will give two girls the chance to spend the day with us" Liam answerd, the crowd cheered. "Okay. Twitter questions" Jenna said, "Okay this is from: @Ujene_Olko:  How did you meet AmberLynn and how did you know you were the dad, Harry?" Jenna read off the card "Uh well.. Lynn and Louis are best friends and he was going to stare there at her place and she asked me questions and then she was 'Oh my god your Aadens dad' and I was like 'what your cr- oh my god I am!' and yea" I answerd the crowed began laughing when I used a girl voice when I said 'Oh my go your Aadens dad'. "Alright. @Kester_Jester: How long have you known Lynn, Louis?" Jenna asked "Uh.. since I was 3 and she was a little bitty baby" Louis answerd in a baby voice.

"There you have it!! Im Jenna VanKuster, and This was One Direction. Thank you!" Jenna shouted before we went off air.

I ran off stage and sighed. We got in the limo and drove back to the hotel. Louis and I share a room. I got int he room and changed. I skyped Lynn. ring ring ring rin- "Hi Daddy!" Aadens voice cheered, "Hey! Weres mommy?" I asked, "She is right here" Aaden said pointing off camera "LYNN!" I shouted, her pretty little head popped into the camera "Baby!" Shouted.  I smirked, "Ad, why dont you go play with Kax in your room?" She asked, he nodded and pranced away. "Hi" She said sitting down. "HeAy" I said bringing up my 'A' she giggled. I smirked cheekily, "I miss you!" She whined "Me too" I said she smiled, she stopped smiling and held her head a winced in pain "Babe, what wrong?" I asked "Nothing, i've just been getting headaches latley" She answerd, "Why?" I asked she shurgged. I sighed "LYNN!" Louis shouted and stood behind me "Hey hottie!" She waved, Louis chuckled and I looked her serouis "Its a inside joke sort of" She answerd, I nodded. "Woah. Look your in Louis look! You look better" I said she grinned "I say so too" Louis said and showed me his text messages to Lynn. "Hey! I pull of your look better than you doo! Haha! Im so hotter than you" I read aloud and looked at the picture of Lynn attached "You doo! Im jealuse! Your are sexxy!" I read again and looked a Louis. He smirked and snatched his phone. "Mummy!" I heard Aaden shout "I got to go" She said "Love you both" She said and kissed the screen and hung up.

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