18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


6. Chapter Five

"Of Aaden?" I asked while, rubbing my hands threw my hair. She stared at me blankly "Nope, of my other secert kid that nobody knows about" She repiled sarcasticlly, I gave a litle grin "Daddy?" Aaden asked pointing to Harry, Harry smiled and nodded "Yup" He smiled. Aaden ran up to him and gave him a hug, "How long have you known?" I said, still in shock "Uh... this mouring" She cheeried, "Dont tell the boys!" Harry exclaimed, I looked at him confused.

"Why not?" I asked utterly confused "Because, remeber when Zayn had the girlfriend and she thought she was pregnat with HIS kid and we all like were flipped at him for like a month, then she said it wasnt his?" He asked worried. I nodded in agreement. Lynn was holding Melissa's hand and crying. Melissa's dark hair layed just past her shoulders, her pale eyelids coverd her emarled green eyes, her face was pale and lifeless. I sighed, today was rough on Lynn, why does life mess with beautiful, funny, active, and young girl like her? "Miss Thomas would you like to stay over night?" The doctor asked walking into the room, she looked at Harry then me then Aaden, then ast the doctor "Sure," She nodded "Can I go home first?" She asked. "Sure but be back by 8:30" He nodded simply then walked out.

We arrived at her flat. She walked Aaden into the house and upstairs.

AmberLynn's P.O.V

I carried Aaden into the bathroom "Bath Time Bubba" I sighed turning the water on. He nodded and stripped from his clothing, I sat him into the warm water. He played with his toys. I washed his brown curly hair, he instied he clean himslef so I let him. I wrapped him in his duck towel, and into his room I changed him into his toy story matching pajamas, and walked him down stairs. We walked into the kitchen I got him his flu medicene, a cup of water and some fruit-loops. Liam walked in, "Hey! Dude! Love your pajamas!" Liam commited pouring himself some milk "Thwanks!" Aaden shouted, causing me to giggle and Liam to chuckle "Is he going to bed?" Liam asked taking a sip of his milk, I nodded "Yea, Im staying the night at the hospitial and he has a routine" I replied "I can do it! Please! We can watch toy story! Lynn Please!" He begged I sighed, "Fine, but let Harry do it" I sighed he looked confused then nodded and took Aaden into the living room "Harry!" I shouted laying his water, medicine, and fruit-loops on the counter, 'Yea, Babe?" Harry asked walking into the kitchen. "Liam wants Aaden to watch Toy Story with him, can you put him to bed later?" I asked He nodded looking quite happy to do so. "Okay, before he goes to bed give him a tea spoon of this" I said waving the medicine bottle around, he nodded "let him drink this to waste the taste" I said picking and then kying down the cup, he nodded "Let him eat these" I said picking up the bowl of fruit loops. "And he has't to be sung too" I added. "Okay! Bye babe" He said kissing my on the lips then walking back into the living room. I walked in and gave Aaden a kiss then waved and walked out the door.

Harry's P.O.V

How much stuff does this kid need?! Medicine, Water, Food, and to be sung too. sigh. I plopped down next to Liam, which Aaden sat in his lap. "Toy Story!" Liam shouted turning on the TV me, the boys, and Aaden watched Toy Story when it was over I took Aaden into the kitchen. I gave him his medicine, water, and food. "Nows me bruswh mwy tweeth and hawir" Aaden cheeried running into the bathroom, I put tooth paste on his Toy Story tooth brush, and he brushed his teeth. I gave him his Toy Story brush and he brushed his curly hair, "Daddy, we have same hair" He smiled setting the brush down I nodded "We do" I said walking into his room and lied him down in his Toy Story Bed. Man this Kid Loves Toy Story. "Okay, What do you want me to sing?" I asked sitting on the floor next to his bed, "I dwont Care" He smiled cuddling into his covers. "Okay..." I smilled then started singing:

i've tried playing it cool

but when im looking at you

i cant ever be brave

cause you make my heart race

shot my outta of the sky

He drifted asleep and I smiled, I walked into my room and brushed my teeth and hair, I lied down. Im finally a dad.                                                           

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