18 year old Amberlynn has a 2 year old child named Aaden. She has no idea who that father is, that night she was drunk. When her best friend Louis reterns home with four of his friends things begen to awkwrad. Amoung the 4 are the father of Aaden. Amberlynn begens rembering about the crazy night at the party. He also begens reciving the memeroies. Will she let him be Aadens dad? Will she fall for him? Will she tell him that Aadens is his son? Most of all does he want Aaden in his life?......


1. Prolouge (Intro)

Amberlynn's P.O.V

My names Amberlynn Thomas, everyone calls me Lynn. I have a 2 year old son name Aaden (A-den). Dont ask me! I have no idea of who the dad is! I was drunk at a party and me and this dude got cozy, without protection and now theres Aaden! I wouldnt take that night back for anything. I love Aaden to pieces. I have a best friend name Louis Tomlinson. Yes THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I have a sister named Melissa, she's really the only one who supports me my mom and dad kicked me out after I was pregnat. I live in a flat alone just me and Aaden. I finished my senior year last month, now im not sure if im going to collage or not. Probley not having to care of Aaden. Im 18 years old, yes I had Aaden when I was 16, call me a slut, a whore, a whatever but I love Aaden more than anything! I work at Payless. When im at work my sister babysitts Aaden. I work every day not weekends, though. But Aaden goes to day care most of the time. My favorite color is rainbow! My favorite food is Nandos! My favorite song is One More Night Maroon 5! I am single.

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