Imagine it with One Direction

Hi! It's Kimberly and Tenzin! We'll be writing fanfics :)
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we will start requests soon, but our school is very strict with work, so we might have to pick people, but don't be mad if we don't get to yours! There might be a few guest writers.

the cover for this is Kimberly and taken and edited by Kimberly
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3. imagine louis #1 (dedicated to karina)

You and Louis have been dating for 5 years and he proposed to you two weeks ago. Both of you are starting to plan for your special day and enjoy every moment.

Your P.O.V.

"Oooooo look at that beautiful cake!!"
You said happily as you are both sitting on the couch with pictures all over the coffee table.

Louis:mhmm *sips his cup of yorkshire tea*

"are you even listening Louis?"

"yes, love of course!" Louis smiles and kisses your cheek.

You: *smile* "how about we continue tomorrow let's get to bed."

"OKAY!" Louis says with a smirk.

"no Louis, not tonight." you stick your tongue out at him and giggle.

*you both get into bed and cuddle with his muscular arm around you, as his bare skin touching your back. It wasn't long before you fell asleep.*

Louis' POV
I hugged karina as she fell asleep. I felt her breathing as my hand was on her stomache. I couldn't sleep so I kissed her hair very gently.

Suddenly she spoke.. Wait it seems that she's singing.

"Cause you're all I ever wanted
Thought you would be the one that's ow
Giving me a heart attack getting over you"

She started off loud but towards the end, her voice slowly faded away. This time the 'ow' was soft.

Me: babe why are you singing?

*no reply*

I guess she was asleep. It's so cute when she talks or I guess sings in her sleep. I must record it one day and show her!

No one's POV
She turned and her head was on Louis' chest. With his arm still around her, he fell asleep. This would be how the rest of their lives would be like...


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