Imagine it with One Direction

Hi! It's Kimberly and Tenzin! We'll be writing fanfics :)
This is also uploaded on Wattpad same username! check it out!
we will start requests soon, but our school is very strict with work, so we might have to pick people, but don't be mad if we don't get to yours! There might be a few guest writers.

the cover for this is Kimberly and taken and edited by Kimberly
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8. imagine liam #1 part 2

Hey! It's Janelle again �� Are you guys ready for Part 2?! I believe so �� !

****** WARNING SEXUAL******



Liam pressed his lips against yours. He kissed you passionately as if he was working every muscle in his body into that kiss. He crept his hand up your shirt and ran his finger tips down your bag. You let out a soft moan as his cold fingers met your back. He lifted you up as he moved into a sitting position. You wrapped your arms around his neck and moved your tongue slowly into his mouth. He played with yours and bit your lip. His grip around your waist tightend.

"I want you." He whispered and bit your neck softly. You became desperate and lifted his shirt over his head. Your hands moved around his chest. He pulled your shirt off of uour body and kissed your collarbones up to your neck. He sucked on your neck and moved his hands lower. He squeezed your bum. You kissed his neck slowly and softly. He moaned in your ear softly. You bit down on his neck softly. He tugged on your hair. You felt a bludge under you grow. You got off his lap. He smirked and picked you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist. We walked you up to his room. He closed the door behind him and placed you down on the floor. You stared into his eyes. He walked towards you and cupped his hands around your face. He crashed his lips against yours. "I can't imagine life without you (Y/N)" He whispered against your cheek. You unbuttoned his pants as he unbuttoned yours. Your jeans dropped to your ankles. You kicked them. He reached behind you and unclipped your bra. You slip your bra off your arms and wrapped your arms around his neck. His cold skin gave you goosebumps. He grabbed your arm pulled you towards his bed. He sat down and pulled you in between his legs. You sat next to him and layed back on his bed. He got ontop of you. He slid his boxers off and gently pulled your underwear off. He rubbed the head of his hard on against your clit. You bit your lip. He thrusted his dick inside your. You let out loud moans everytime he hit your wall. He leaned over you and kissed your neck. "I love you." He moaned into your ear.

"I... I lo... I love you too." You panted. His sweat dripped down from his chest onto yours. He thrusted in and out of you faster. "LIAM!" You screamed.

"Fuck.." He cussed under his breath. He slammed cock against your wall. He groaned in your ear.

"FUCK!" You screamed. You both had reached your climax. He pulled out of you and rested next to you. He pulled the covers over you both. He kissed the tip of your nose.

"I love you." He smiled.

"I love you too baby." You smiled.


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