Imagine it with One Direction

Hi! It's Kimberly and Tenzin! We'll be writing fanfics :)
This is also uploaded on Wattpad same username! check it out!
we will start requests soon, but our school is very strict with work, so we might have to pick people, but don't be mad if we don't get to yours! There might be a few guest writers.

the cover for this is Kimberly and taken and edited by Kimberly
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7. imagine liam #1 part 1

Your laying down on the couch watching Adventure Time when your boyfriend, Liam crawls and rests his head on your chest. He places his warm hands on your waist. He runs his finger tips down your thighs. You rub your foot against his leg. He looks up and you and tangles his fingers in your hair. He stares at your eyes for a few seconds. His eyes sparkled and made your stomach go crazy. He crashes his lips down against yours and moves his free hand from your thigh to your cheek.

"I love you..." He pulled away and whispered while looking into your eyes.

"I love you too." You felt your cheeks get hot. He turns you over so that you're ontop of him. You kiss his neck softly. He rubs his thumbs against your thighs and moans softly. He turns his head to face you and kisses your lips softly.

"You're beautiful, (Y/N)..." He whispered. "I'm so glad I met you." He stares into your eyes. You look down.

"I'm not enough for you.." You confessed.

"Shut up. You're perfect for me. Don't say that (Y/N) please." He grabs your left arm and kisses your scars that represented horrifying memories. He kissed the softly and gently. Every time his lips pressed against your skin you got goosebumps. He took you away from the darkness and into the light. He took you to the greener side of life. He showed you love worked wonders. Finding Liam is your water to a growing sunflower.

read part 2~janelle

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