Imagine it with One Direction

Hi! It's Kimberly and Tenzin! We'll be writing fanfics :)
This is also uploaded on Wattpad same username! check it out!
we will start requests soon, but our school is very strict with work, so we might have to pick people, but don't be mad if we don't get to yours! There might be a few guest writers.

the cover for this is Kimberly and taken and edited by Kimberly
follow her instagram for more @kmacinfinity


6. author's note guest author janelle

Hello! I'm Janelle. Kimberly asked me to write a quick imagine for her! I'm only going to be writing when Kimberly or Tenzin asks me too! I'll be letting you cuties know when it's me! If you do want to read my fanfiction "Rapture" its on Movellas and my penname is Janellestypayhorlikson ! I'm sure Kimberly will add the link somewhere :) Thanks! :)xx

janelle's other two fanfics


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