Carry On

This story has a lot of reflections of how I feel and while it is based from events from my life it is not about me. In no way is the main character, Jay, a mirror of me. We have similar traits but a majority of the opinions or actions she displays are not similar to my own. If you have any questions feel free to message me at Thanks!!


1. Prologue

  Why should I lie and say that everything is okay? Why should I let him just walk all over me? He didn't deserve me yet I was falling all over myself trying to convince him not to leave me. I couldn't take it any more. He walked away.

  I walked toward my house and with every step towards home the tears started to fall faster. He was everything to me. I had just given him up. I was moving on now no matter what. When I reached the house my mom was waiting for me. 

  "C'mon you little snip get packing!" she snapped at me out of anger. I was moving in with my dad who lived in California and she was pissed about it. I don't think she really cared if I was there or not she just wanted the tax returns. When she found out that I was moving to my dads she went on a rampage and that's when I realized the move was the best thing for me. He didn't agree. He shall not be named. He who shall only be remembered as he.

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