Dear Netbook

(authors note) Okay so this isn't my blog, this is a story written in blog entries about a normal going-on-thirteen year old girl (Lolli) and her life drama's.
- Some parts may be based on some of my own experiences ;) but just to let you know I don't have a crush...
by the way the title is 'Dear Netbook' to show how technology has changed. You know how usually it's 'Dear Diary' just wanted to share that;)


3. Entry 3

Lolli again here! I'm kinda enjoying this blog much more than I thought I would. Just wanted to update you about the latest goings-on in my life.

Well today Suko got into a fight. Yeah thats right - Suko. I didn't believe it when I heard either. I'll tell you exactly what I was told:

So Suko was just walking down the corridor, inoccent as can be with her shiny black bun, when Gina Beroll and her 'gang' started calling her names. Now Suko's not one to get angry easily but she had just found out she failed her maths test and in Suko land - thats bad! She went nuts! Started hitting and punching them all - but obviously they fought back. As you can guess, they won. I mean there was six of them and one of her. Suko should never have started.

Anyway, Suko's here with me right now listening to her favourite song to cheer herself up. I should probably be a good host to her and tend to her needs so I'm gonna have to go now.

Oh yeah and for todays song I think it would be appropriate to share with you Suko's favourite. Some of Ed Sheerans older stuff.

Ed Sheeran - Let It Out:

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