Dear Netbook

(authors note) Okay so this isn't my blog, this is a story written in blog entries about a normal going-on-thirteen year old girl (Lolli) and her life drama's.
- Some parts may be based on some of my own experiences ;) but just to let you know I don't have a crush...
by the way the title is 'Dear Netbook' to show how technology has changed. You know how usually it's 'Dear Diary' just wanted to share that;)


2. Entry 2

Hey! Me again (well obviously seeing as this is my blog). I forgot to tell you about my friends. Well first of all theres Suko. Her real names Ruby but she's just such a nerd and is obssessed with sudoku. So there we have Suko. Then we have Jinx. She got her nickname because she's so unlucky - jinxed. She's actually called Becca but like me, she hates her name. Yappie (Rachel) obviously talks alot. But life would be so boring without her. Finally we come to someone like me who doesn't have a nickname. Hollie. We didn't get nicknames because people just call us Lolli and Hollie.

Okay thats all...

Well actually...

There is Biro (Ollie). Everyone calls him Biro because he's always chewing on his pen. I usually call him Rio for short though. He's been my childhood friend since we were 3. We went to the same pre-school, primary school and now go to the same secondry school. He's also my next-door-neighbour so as you can imagine we're very close. Theres an old apple tree at the end of our village field which we always sit under. We sometimes sit there for hours in the summer just talking... about stuff.

Yeah so, I'm gonna go now. Here's today's song:

Nina Nesbitt - The Apple Tree:

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