Dear Netbook

(authors note) Okay so this isn't my blog, this is a story written in blog entries about a normal going-on-thirteen year old girl (Lolli) and her life drama's.
- Some parts may be based on some of my own experiences ;) but just to let you know I don't have a crush...
by the way the title is 'Dear Netbook' to show how technology has changed. You know how usually it's 'Dear Diary' just wanted to share that;)


1. Entry 1

Um, hey. I'm not sure if anyones actually reading this at the moment but I don't really care to be honest. I'm not being rude or anything - thank you if you are reading this - but the reason I've started to write this blog is to let my emotions out. But if you find my life interesting then... bonus I guess.

Okay so let me start off by telling you a few things about me. Well my names Lolli (yeah I know - I didn't choose it, I'd have liked to be called Charlie. Lolli is a ridiculous name) and I'm twelve years old. I'm in year eight so I gotta choose my options for school this year. It's so much stress I'm telling you! I want to take: Graphics (kind of an arty marketing course thing) music (I hope you know what that means) and preforming arts which is all the things behind a preformance. Things such as make-up, props, set, costumes. But the thing I really wan't to do is be a script writer.

Sarcasm is my life. So I'm sorry if I somehow offend you during the making of this blog.

I have a younger sister and an older brother - Key and Cody. Key's name isn't actually Key. Her real name is Frankie but we shortened it... because human beings are lazy. She's seven years old and has light brown hair just like mine. We also share the same greeny-blue eyes. I've sometimes overheard people call her my mini-me. Of course I love her but if you have a sister I'm sure you'll know how annoying they can get. But Cody's no better. Fifteen years old and obsessed with WWE (world wrestling entertainment). Unlike Key, Cody looks nothing like me. He has dark hair and dark skin and is a bit chubby. I'm also slightly chubby and am average height. I live with my mum and my stepdad Ed. I don't know why theres this stereotype about 'evil step-parents'. I love my stepdad!

Anyway, I should probably go now - my fingers are going numb. I'm not quite sure what I'll blog about but after every entry I'll leave a song for you to check out. I'll try and post as soon as possible! Bye?

Lewis Watson - Bones:

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