Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


11. The Surprise (Mature Readers Only)

You got back to the hotel, packing because you guys had to leave in the morning. You got your pajamas on; your footy pajamas that say "I Love Louis Tomlinson!" Louis got those custom made for you when you guys first started dating. Louis walks in on you with nothing on but your underwear and bra, getting into your footy pajamas. He stopped. "Oh uhh sorry babe" He says. "Oh it's ok, and your gonna have to get used to this if were gonna be married." you say. He laughs. "Haha, so what are we gonna do tonight?" He says with a smirk on his face. "I have an idea" You say giggling. You get your footy pajamas on and walk over to him. He has his shirt off, so he looked even cuter. Now since your shorter than Louis, you have to stand up on your toes. You then kissed him, and pushed him on the queen size bed. He looks at you. "You ready?" He says. "Yes. I love you, so much." You say. Then you take off your pajamas, your underwear and bra. He takes off his pants and boxers. You and Louis get under the covers, and he starts thrusting, in and out. You were moaning and screaming, sweating. Then the whole night was a blur. You wake up to Louis saying, "Wake up my beautiful angel." It was 6:30. You  realize your still naked, and so is Louis. "Um so what happened last night?" you say. "We had a magical moment in our lives that I will never forget." He says. You and Louis are walking around the hotel room naked, because you knew nobody would come in. Then, the door swung open, and there comes Zayn and stops. "What the-? Did you two.....?" "Yeah" Louis says. You run quickly to your room to get changed. Then you come back out with Louis getting changed while Zayn is sitting on the couch. "Umm sorry about that." You say. "It's ok" Zayn says. Then comes Louis. "Sorry you had to see my willy lad." Louis says. "Well anyway, you guys need to be down at the airport at 7:30 ok?" Zayn says. "Ok" You say. Then Zayn leaves, and you two are packing. "Louis I'll be right back got to go to the bathroom" You say. You grab out a pregnancy test and check. Then Louis walks in and sees. "What does it say?" he says, putting his hands around your waist. "It's... positive!" You say. "So I'm going to be a father!" Louis says jumping up. He kisses you and kisses your stomache. "And I'll see you in nine months my precious" Louis says rubbing your stomache.

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