Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


5. The Plane Ride

You are so happy that you finally get to tour the world with your boyfriend. "Louis, why didn't you tell me sooner??" You say, in a kiddish voice. "Because, I wanted to surprise you!" Louis says. "But I need my clothes and all my stuff!" "Already packed your stuff that you would need babe." Louis says smiling. You guys head for the plane, heading off to Mullingar, Ireland; where Niall lives to do a charity performance. You cuddle with Louis while eating snacks on the long plane ride. You've always imagined seeing Niall's town and now you get to with your boyfriend Louis. Finally, you guys get off the plane, and go find a hotel.

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