Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


6. The Performance

You and Louis are sharing a suite, while the others are sharing. Louis is getting ready for his performance, when Harry comes in. "Hey guys just wanted to let you know, we need to leave the hotel for the Charity performance in about half an hour." Harry says. "Ok, be down in 20 minutes." You say. Harry leaves then Louis finishes getting ready. "Maybe after our preformance, we can go out and eat dinner and then watch a movie" Louis says smirking. "Ok that sounds great, so it's a date?" "It's a date" Louis says. "Come on we got to go, are you ready?" "Yeah" He says. The boys and you finally arrive. You go get into the crowd, and Louis gets on stage. They perform 5 songs, then Louis says, "Massive thank you for everyone for coming. I also have a very important announcement." He looks over at you at smiles. " (Y/N) Please come up on stage." You walk on the stage. "Ok well...." He bows down on one knee, and you start tearing up. "Will you... do the honors of being Mrs. Louis Tomlinson for me?" He says. "Yes. Yes I would. I love you Louis!" He slips the ring on your finger. You hug him and give him a huge kiss. He escorts you offstage, and they say their goodbyes.

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