Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


15. The Little Get Together In The Hospital

Louis texts the boys to come in. You figured they would have to drive here, so you guys cradle the baby, while it's crying. You guys are trying to calm it down when suddenly, "Hey guys! Were Here!" Harry says and they all have flowers, balloons, and toys for the baby. "Hey guys, not so loud the baby is crying." Louis says. "Here Louis, hold Tommy I need to pee, since I was in labor for quite a while, that is a lot of work." You say laughing. You hear Louis outside the bathroom saying, "Your gonna be just like your mother, with an american accent. And you will be my pride and joy." You start to tear up. You finish up, wipe your tears away, and come out. "Ok I feel better" You say. "So Louis, when are we going back on tour lad?" Niall says. "I don't know, few months?" Louis says cradling Tommy to get him to stop crying. "Hey Liam could you do me a huge favor?" You say. "Yeah of course what is it?" Liam says. "Can you stop down to the cafeteria place or whatever and get me some food?" "Yes be right back" Liam says going to get you some food. "So can we hold the baby?" Zayn says. "Yeah, just be careful with my pride and joy there Zayn, Niall, and Harry." Louis says. He walks over to you. "I love you so much, I.... I just wish I could show you how much I love you." He says while pushing you on the wall and kissing you. You felt sparks fly, just like what happened when you first kissed Louis. You stop kissing him for a second, and say, "I feel the same way, every time I kiss you it feels like the first" You say, then you guys kiss for what felts like hourse but was only a few minutes. "So what should we do?" Niall whispers. "Just leave them they are having a moment, Niall" Zayn whispers back. You look up. "Oh sorry guys" you say. "It's ok we got the baby to calm down." Harry says. "Thank you Harry" you say.

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