Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


16. The Endless Nights

The baby is 3 months old now, and still is crying non stop. You barely get any sleep with the baby crying. Finally, you get the baby to stop. As you go back to sleep, about an hour later, the same thing happens. You got up groggily. Louis is back on tour, so you don't get to see him. You get Tommy a bottle. He won't drink it. You decide to let Tommy sleep with you for a while. He stops crying, thankfully. You wake up in the morning around 9:30. Tommy is still asleep. You decide to call Louis. No answer. You text him; no answer. He always answers his phone. You began to think he forgot about you. Then, you go cook some pancakes. As your finishing flipping them, Tommy starts to cry. You walk upstairs. Yep, he's crying. You pick him up, and carry him downstairs. You put him in his high chair, and give him a bottle. He quietly sits there staring at you with those big blue eyes. You tun around and smile. "Hi there beautiful" You say to Tommy. All he does is giggle. "Daddy will be home in 3 more months don't worry I know you miss him terribly like I do." You say. You start to think that Tommy needs a father figure around more often. You call Louis. Doesn't answer again. You leave a message saying, "Hey babe, Tommy and I miss you terribly. Call back soon please." and then hang up. You put Tommy's bottle on the counter, and carry him to the living room. Setting him in his play area, you turn on the TV. Of course at 10:00 there is nothing good on, so you turn on some shows for Tommy.

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