Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


7. The Date

You meet Louis back stage, and then go out to dinner. You guys decide to let Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn come with you guys to Nandos. You guys had a blast, with Louis and you making most of the jokes. Niall of course, laughing the most. You guys were there till 11:00pm when you finally leave with Louis to your Hotel room to watch a movie. You pick out one of your favorite movies, Titanic. Louis agrees, and at the end, Louis was crying with you because it was so tragic. You finally fall asleep in Louis' arms. They were always so bulky, and he always looked so strong. You wake up with Louis sitting there kissing you contently. You smile. "So am I cooking breakfast or are you?" You say. "I'll cook today. Go get dressed, we have a Premiere to go to tonight so were gonna go shop ok?" "Ok" You reply.

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