Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


14. The Baby Has Arrived

You sip the tea. It was a bit hot so you let it cool. Louis knew that you love tea, so he made french vanilla and it tasted great. After drinking the tea, you get up and go to the bathroom. You finish peeing and come out of the bathroom yawning. As you sit down on the couch, you feel it. The baby was coming. Louis sees you sweating. "The baby is coming!" you say. "Come on! Into the car" Louis says you guys grab the bag, and run out to the car. "Come Louis! Please hurry!" You say drenched in sweat. "Were almost at the hospital, now breath." He says calmly. After what felt like hours, Louis pulls into the hospital parking lot. He opens your door, and carries you bridal style into the hospital. "My wife is about to have her baby! We need a room, like now!" Louis says. The nurse escorts you guys into a hospital room. Louis lays you down on the hospital bed. "Ok, the doctor will be here in a minute, just breathe." Louis says. "This baby wants out Lou, it wants out now" You say. The doctor comes in. "Ok, we need to get the baby out." He says. Then two more nurses come in. "Are you ready?" Louis says. "Yes, I think so." You say. Then you guys are in the Labor Room and your giving birth. "Push (Y/N)!" Louis says. "I'm trying, do you want to take over?" You say. After a while of pushing, the baby was out. The nurses took the baby to be cleaned. "I'm very proud of you sweet stuff." Louis says. "Thanks, wow now I know what my mom went through when she had me and my two brothers." You say. The nurse comes back in with your baby boy. "Here you go, he's going to be one special boy someday I can tell" The nurse says. "Thank you" you say. Louis sits on the bed looking at the baby. "So this is our Tommy?" Louis says. "Yes, isn't he just so cute?" You say. "Yeah, and hopefully he has an american accent just like his mother." Louis says looking at you. You giggle. "Oh and I invited the boys to come down to the hospital, is that ok?" Louis says. "Yes that is a terrific idea" You say.

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