Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


12. Sick

You guys leave the hotel at 7:15 and arrive at 7:25. You had to run to the private jet with Louis. You guys make it on. The jet leaves finally. You and Louis were reading a book together under a blanket. You were reading a paragraph to Louis, when all of a sudden, you had to throw up. You ran to the bathroom with Louis running behind you. You made it, and threw up in the toilet. Louis hugs you. "You ok my precious?" Louis says. "Yeah just feel really sick" You say. "Louis, are you sure you want to be a father at age 20?" You say. "Why of course, are you sure you want to be a mother at age 19?" Louis says. "Yes Louis, I'm just afraid that what if we made a mistake?" You say tearing up. "We didn't. And you'll be a great mother. Trust me. I wouldn't want my child with anyone else but you." Louis says. You manage a smile. "So when we land, is that when your starting the tour?" You say. "Yeah but we need you to see a doctor about the baby when we land." Louis says. He escorts you out of the bathroom, and you guys just talk for a while.

*3 Hours Later*

The plane finally lands. You and Louis get off the plane. You felt really sick; about to puke. You say, "Uhh I feel really sick Louis I'm about t-" Then you throw up on the ground. Louis grabs your hand and takes you to a bathroom to clean up.

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