Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


20. Romantic Day Out

You wake up that morning. You turn around to see Louis staring at you. "Hi Lou, wow rough night haha" You say. "Yeah, I called my mum while you were asleep, and she said she'll watch Tommy for the week" Louis says. "Ok, wanna go to the park?" You say. "Yeah! But could we stop and get some breakfast, then go?" Louis says. "Yeah lets get ready." You say. You decide to wear red flats, red pants, and a red shirt that says, "He's mine" and has an arrow. You put your hair in a ballerina bun, and put in a red bow. You go into the bathroom to do your make up while Louis gets ready. "You ready Lou?" You say from the bathroom. "Yeah lets go, I'm starving!" Louis says walking down the stairs. You guys get in the car and get some breakfast form a local restaurant. "I'll have Eggs with sausage and bacon please" You say. "Hmm, I'll have some pancakes, love" Louis says at the waitress. "Ok I'll get you guys your food heres your drinks. You ordered a vanilla milkshake and Louis just asked for water. You guys wait a while, and your food is here. You guys eat, then head down to the park. You notice Louis was wearing his "She's mine" shirt to match you with red pants and red Toms. You guys were walking across the park a while. You guys spot a playground. "Let's go on the playground!" You say running over there. You make it over there, while Louis is walking over. "Na na na na na you can't get me!" You yell to Louis. "You wanna bet?" He says smirking. He runs on the playground and tries to catch you. After a while of running, Louis finally caught you, tackling you into a kiss. "You got me" you say. "Yes I did" He says. Louis looks over to you, and starts tickling you. "Louis! Louis! Stop Stop! I'm gonna piss myself!" You say. "Haha fine I'll stop." Louis says. "Louis! Look the ice cream man! Let's go get ice cream!" You say. You grab Louis, and drag him to the Ice cream man. "Uhh one vanilla ice cream, you Lou?" "Same" He says. "Ok, two dollars." The ice cream man says, handing you guys your ice cream. "Here you go" You say handing him the money. You guys chilled at the park all day.

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