Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


19. Louis; Your Soul Mate (Again, Mature Readers for This Chapter)

Louis' Mom picks up Tommy from the beach to watch him while you and Louis have some alone time at the beach. "Louis, I have a question." You say. "What is that question my darling?" He says. "When do you have to go back on tour?" You say looking down. "Umm, I think 3 months?" Louis says kissing your cheek. "Why can't it be forever?" "Well my fans need me in the band and I can't let them down. I'm so sorry baby." Louis says getting up taking his swim trunk off. "Wanna join me in the water?" He says taunting you. "The water is probably freezing!" "Aw, come on for me?" Louis says "Fine Lou ugh you better keep me warm!" "I will come on!" "Hold on" You say taking off your bikini top and bottoms. You wade into the water walking to Louis. "This is freezing!!" You say. "I'll keep you warm hon" Louis says. He grabs you and throws you up into the air and catching you. You go underwater, as Louis goes under too. The water is very clear, so you guys can see each other. You guys kiss for a while, then come back up for air. "I know a better way of doing things" Louis says grabbing your waist. "Like what?" You say smirking. "Well (Y/N), you have been very naughty today. I think I need to fix that" He says. "Oh have I? Well, if I have been show me how to be nice" You say licking your lips. "Fine then" Louis says grabbing you, shoving you underwater, then thrusting into you. You come up to breath. "Lou- stop no... ugh" You say. You go back underwater, and then Louis hits your g-spot. And from there on he hit it every single time. "NO! UGH!" You say moaning. He grabs your boobs. The rest of the night was all a blur.

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