Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


18. Family Fun

"Well where is my kiss?" Louis says smiling taking off his sunglasses. "Here" You say and kiss him; very long and passionate. "Now let me see Tommy!!!!!!!!" Louis says taking Tommy from your arms. Tommy giggles, while picking Louis' nose. "Nose picker are you?" Louis says laughing. He twirls Tommy around kissing his stomach and snuggling him. "Baby, what are we gonna do today?" you say to Louis. "Beach time!" Louis says picking you up with Tommy. "Louis, put me down!" You say. "Never." Louis says smiling. He runs you guys out to the car and hooks Tommy in while setting you in the passenger seat. You buckle up, as Louis does the same. Louis starts the car, and takes off. You guys return to the house. "Babe can you get Tommy ready while I get ready?" Louis says. "Yeah" you say changing Tommy into little swim trunks. You finish, and put him in his high chair. You go upstairs and walk into your bedroom. Louis was naked, searching for his swim trunks. "Oh sorry babe" You say. "No it's fine come in hehe" He says kissing you. "I need to get my bikini on Louis" "Fine" He says pouty. You find your coral ruffled bikini and start to get undressed. You slip on your bikini top. "Louis can you tie the back of my top?" You say. "Ok" Louis says. He starts tieing. "There you go" he says. "Thank you Louie Booey" You say. You then slip on your bikini bottoms. "Ok ready, Louis are you ready?" "Yep I found my swim trunks" He says. You guys get all the stuff you need to go to the beach. Louis picks up Tommy and takes him to the car while you walk behind them. You guys finally arrive and Tommy is screaming. "Tommy, whats up?" Louis says. "Ahh" Tommy says. You laugh. You guys get down to the beach and put your stuff down, setting up. As soon as you guys are done, Louis takes Tommy into the water with you catching up. You finally catch up. You guys had fun all day splashing around and just having a great time.

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