Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fic about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I am new so please look at this and thanks!


17. Did He Forget?

Tommy is playing with his toys while watching Winnie The Pooh. You quickly go to the bathroom and come back out. You decide to call Louis again. No answer. You truly thought he forgot about you guys. He hasn't been calling everyone morning and night for the past 3 weeks. You decide to pull your laptop out and go on Twitter. You check Louis' tweets and see a tweet that says, "Babe! Fun night we had right? I know I had fun ;)" You start to cry, softly so Tommy couldn't hear you. You then check your mentions. How awful. You didn't even want to read your mentions they were that terrible. There was one like, "Your baby, Tommy deserves to die along with you." That, was the line. You call Louis once again. No answer. You leave him a voicemail saying, "your fans are terrible! They want to kill me and YOUR SON." You wait all day. No calls. Nothing.

****3 Months Later****

You haven't gotten one call from Louis since then. Every night you cried yourself to sleep thinking Louis was a cheater, and he forgot about you. It was the day his flight arrived back home in England. You and Tommy go down to the Airport. You are waiting for Louis to come out. Tommy keeps poking your nose. You laugh. "You want my nose there don't you?" You say giving him kisses and twiling him around. You didn't even notice Louis was off the plane because you were playing with Tommy. He taps your shoulder. "Hey babe! I'm back!" He says. "Louis, why haven't you called me, texted me, video chatted me?" You say. I'm so sorry he says. "And what was that tweet of you saying, 'Babe! Fun night we had right? I know I had fun' tell me the truth Louis." you say. "It was my sister I was talking to me and Lottie went out for dinner and then saw a movie." "Oh... I feel terrible now" you say gloomily looking. "Don't be you misunderstood and I get that." You smile.

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