The grazed knee

3 nerdy school chicks, 3 three mean popular girls, 1 grazed knee, 5 amazing boys who will they choose ...


2. The stand up

We just left to go to nandos when Niamh, Amy and Jade came around the corner we tried to cross the road but they blocked us they said "where do you think your going at this time" non of your bees wax said Mae trying to be brave. Then Olivia butted in but not rudely just sassily for your information we have dinner reservations for nandos !!!!!!!! With who,lab nerds Niamh said. No with louis , Harry, Liam , zayn and Niall of one direction I replied Amy,jade and Niamh just laughed and walked away flicking there hair in are faces.They were nothing but bullies one day we would have to stand up to them properly once and for all but I guess that day was not today . We had lived with bullying all our lives but this was the most harsh !
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