The grazed knee

3 nerdy school chicks, 3 three mean popular girls, 1 grazed knee, 5 amazing boys who will they choose ...


1. The science lab

Me,mae and Olivia were all in the science lab just chatting waiting for lunch when Niamh, Amy and jade came over and pushed me of my stool for no reason but even so everyone was laughing but I was in pain I had cut my knee . Then not only the biggest boy band ever one direction came in I had totally forgot they where supporting us with our charity event for cafod . I was so ashamed I did not want to stand up I just lay there on the floor. I could feel blood running down my leg when someone tried to help me up ! I tried not to make eye contact but then I realised it was HARRY STYLES . He helped waited untill I was steady then he got some tissue paper and wiped up my blood. He pulled me up to my feet and kissed me on my cheek O my gawd Harry styles just kissed me . But then I was back in reality the bell had rung everyone was already out the class room Harry, Niall and Louis , zayn and liam were waiting by the lockers as we walked to the lunch hall. They called and walked over to us and then said we seemed cool that's the first time I've been called cool in my life . That's not even the most shocking part they then said would you like to hang out sometime . We said yes straight away all of us agreed on nandos . That night we went to Mae's house to get ready we were all exited because it was are first dinner reservations we had ever made with boys for all of use. None of use really spoke to boys because we spent most of are lives in the science lab and no one in school really liked us at all which is sad because were now seventeen but now that we where going out with Harry, Louis and Niall zayn and Liam I knew are lives would change for ever.
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