Black Sword

Have you ever had that feeling when you know that you are different and for a bad reason? No? Well, I have and i still do but to a lesser extent. I'm not an ordinary girl or human in the matter of the fact.


2. Wielder of the long blade

(AN:sorry if i offend you in any ways but the main character is a bit boisterous as you can see)       Hmmmmm.... You are STILL stalking me after that encounter? For sakes you are stubborn! Well since you are sooooo interested in me how about I tell you about my past. Also you might catch on to where I come from as long as you aren't as dumb as normal humans. Also no I DO NOT have a boyfriend FYI so there is no lovey dovey crud. Anyways let us get to the story. From the minute i was born i remember everything, every little detail about anyone or anything. When I was born i was golden literally golden not like the stone you idiot! The color! The color faded but I am golden brown. But when i become infuriated i become gold again except even brighter! Well soon after i was born i was abandoned but for a strange reason animals came to me, fed me and nurtured me until I was to go to school. I never spoke one word at all with the animals  i used telepathy without even trying to so i could communicate with them. When I went to school the first few years were terrific. Though i was much more intelligent than everyone around me I still had fun. But once i had begun 5th grade people started to tease me horribly because of my hair and my eyes. My eyes are a golden velvet along with my hair. I was called emo. But also I started to change and some how i could tell when people told me lies and when they were telling the truth. I could use not just telepathy but telekinesis and clairvoyance and many more. When I told my only friend he walked away from me never to be heard from again. After he left I left as well but for a different reason. These people could not understand that i was much smarter than them. So when i went back to the woods the animals who befriended me had made something for me. Of course me not knowing what it was when the showed it to me I did what they told me to. And let me tell you that they were as smart or smarter than humans even as intelligent as i was at the time. So when the told me to let all my feelings out into it while holding it in my hands it turned into a staff then an orb and then finally a long, black ,blade was in my hands. After I had let my emotions into the blade for the last time letters with some type of inscription on it. The inscription was in an ancient language i did not know. Even so I knew what it said. It said "Let the long blade guide thy heart through deception and war. Let it energize you to live and may it forever be black." When I finished reading it out loud to the animals they all said 4 words that made want to cry and disappear into the darkness of my blade "We bid you farewell" and when that finished I was pulled into a new realm. Of course I did not know that at the time. As I was pulled out of the darkness and into a long golden hallway that when I arrived it had names in scripted in the walls. The same characters as the ones on my blade. I continued walking down the hall. But then some creature stopped me right then and there. It said welcome wielder of the long blade your arrival is precisely on time. Who are you? I am.......

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