Nothing Dull

A girl named Katelyn Nguyen had something every girl wanted. From the beginning of the life of One Direction to now. But there was something holding her back. Will it come back or not. She was a nerdy kid in school, but her life was never dull.


5. Katelyn's Back

Harry's P.O.V

Katelyn's back and staying at Pauls. Once Paul said her name my head shot towards Paul. I haven't seen her in 2 years and I miss her so much, I had a hard time coping with not having Katelyn around. Knowing that she's living with Paul was just a burst of joy, that means i get to see her.

"Katelyn's back lads" i was basically yelling with excitement.

"I know I'm so happy she's back. It can be like old times again." Louis said

"Yeah all the good times we had with Katelyn was the best." Zayn added.

"Im just wondering what Katelyn looks like since Paul did say her looks changed a lot." Liam said

"Your right i wonder what she looks like as well would she be the same Katelyn from two years ago?" Niall questioned. And that's what got me thinking what does she look like? Is she her old self? Is she different? So many questions running through my mind right now.

"Paul did say she was gorgeous. And lost a lot of weight has no glasses no pimples and no braces. Just imagine that guys." Liam implied. I started to  imagine what she looks like. It's kinda hard for me to think of what she looks like since it's been awhile since i last saw her. But either way she was beautiful to me and thats all that matters at this point.

"Im sorry. Im having trouble imagining Katelyn right now i haven't seen her in such a long time" I said

"me too" they all said at the same time.

"I wonder when she will let us see her again? I miss her so much lads." in a kinda sad tone

"I know mate but what matters is that we get to see her, right?" louis said as he rapped his arm around my shoulder. He was right that's all that matters is that i get to see her but the only question is When?

"yeah your right well its late i think im gonna turn in tonight." They all nodded and i was heading towards my room.

Louis's P.O.V

Harry's pretty sad that he couldn't see Katelyn right now we all are but mostly Harry. When she left two years ago Harry wouldn't stop talking about Katelyn and how much he misses her. I hope soon we get to see her again. I notice that when Katelyn was around Harry he had this special sparkle in his eyes, but ever since she left i haven't seen that sparkle anymore ,and he was so happy around her and now its not like that. Like Harry was always happy but it wasn't like the happiness that he had with Katelyn.

I should ask Paul if all of us can come over tomorrow to see Katelyn. I know that will make Harry happy.

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