Nothing Dull

A girl named Katelyn Nguyen had something every girl wanted. From the beginning of the life of One Direction to now. But there was something holding her back. Will it come back or not. She was a nerdy kid in school, but her life was never dull.


3. Is that you???

Paul's face was in complete shocked i knew it was a bad idea to come over but i miss him. He looked at me like he doesn't know who i am.

"Katelyn is that you?" he asked

"yeah it's me long time no see, how are you?" trying my best to act normal.

"I'm fine. What happen you look different. I like the look but I loved your old self"

"its just apart of growing up right?"

"yeah it is. come on it" he headed me into the living room, it's still the same the last time i saw it. It brings back so many memories.

" Im not disappointed in you katelyn. I just liked your old look i know your growing up but i miss that little kid face you use to have. It's not like i hate your look or anything. Never mind what i said You look gorgeous"

"thank you paul it means a lot. So hows living the life around the world." 

"its great but the only bad part about it is that i have to take care of five knuckle heads all day" we laughed like crazy.

"so how are the boys anyways?"

"there good but they keep on asking when they get to see you again. Mostly Harry." Even when i haven't seen them they still remember me and ask when i get to see them. But what caught my attention the most was that Harry kept asking where i was. Although i haven't seen him in 2 years i still have feelings for him.

"when do i get to see them again?" i asked

"i don't know but I'll call you when you can. They miss you terribly "

"i miss them too. Can't wait till i get to see those handsome faces again."

Me and Paul continues to talk, about the tour, life, and the boys. Basically we were talking about everything. It's feels so good to be talking to my Uncle again.

"oh yeah hows your parents going?"

"They went back to Afghanistan. So I'm alone yet again." i tried laughing it off but in the inside i hate being alone.

"why didn't you tell me sooner you can stay with me like old times." he said excitedly 

"ummm.... why not. Lets bring back the fun."

"great bring all your stuff here cause your gonna live with me now." 


"ill help you in the morning with your stuff." 

"okay well i should get going it's late. And i should start packing."

we said our good byes and our goodnights .

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