Nothing Dull

A girl named Katelyn Nguyen had something every girl wanted. From the beginning of the life of One Direction to now. But there was something holding her back. Will it come back or not. She was a nerdy kid in school, but her life was never dull.


7. I don't know if i should

My heart was pounding my hands were sweaty. It was only Paul I sighed with relief. 


Harry's P.O.V

Who was that? Why did she run away? 

"hey lads did you see who that was?" 

Louis: " No. Did any of you see her face?" We all said no

Niall: " Do you think that was Katelyn?" That got me thinking. 

Zayn: " I think it was her. Paul did say she was scared to show us what she looked like, maybe thats why she ran away."

He was right, but why doesn't she want to see us?


Back to me

"Katelyn why did you run away?"

"why are they here? " i whispered making sure they don't hear me.

"I don't know they came here saying they wanted to see you"

"Well how did they know I'm here huh?"

"I accidently told them you were here. Sorry Katelyn" Oh great they know I'm here, what am i=I gonna do now?

Paul: " Since they know now, I think you should go see them."

"Paul I don't know if Im ready to"

" c'mon Katelyn you can do it I'll be here every step of the way." I nodded and made my way downstairs .



A/N Sorry if this Chapter was short and that it sucked. I'm having a hard time thinking. Im trying my best to give you guys more Chapters. It just that I've been so busy lately. I hope all of you understand.


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