Nothing Dull

A girl named Katelyn Nguyen had something every girl wanted. From the beginning of the life of One Direction to now. But there was something holding her back. Will it come back or not. She was a nerdy kid in school, but her life was never dull.


8. Chapter 8 Might be a bad idea


 As I slowly took a step by step. I felt like it was such a bad idea. Before i made it to the four step i dashed to my room. Unfortunately Paul grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to the living room. Oh my god what are they gonna think of me. LIterally at this point I'm shaking a bit. Damn you Paul why did you have to do this to me now when I'm not even ready to show my face.


Once we walked in all their heads shot up. They had a confused look on there faces. Oh boy this is not good at all.


 Harry P.O.V

 Who's that beautiful girl standing in front of me. Is that Katelyn ? Is it ? Me and the boys just looked at each other with a confused look. I think it's her cause the warm tingling feeling is coming back from two years ago. It has to be her.



This is not a good sign. They hate me i know they do by the looks on their faces.

Niall: Are you Katelyn?. ( God damn why am I so nervous)

Me:" Yeah. Hey guys." i feel like I'm about to die cause of their staring.

Zayn: "wow it's really good to see you again Katelyn"

Me: " it's good to see all of you guys again." i started to loosen up but i looked over Harry and i know he's about to say something.

 Harry: " You look you look gorgeous Katelyn you really do. But I liked your old look better. Either way you still look gorgeous."

Am I dreaming or Harry just called me gorgeous not once but twice.

Liam: " yeah Katelyn you look wonderful."

Louis: " you do but why were you so scared to show us what you look like?"

I have to tell them. They asked so I should at least answer them right?

Me: " Well it's kinda hard to explain." while rubbing the back of my neck.

Zayn: " c'mon it can't be that bad."

Me:" the reason why i didn't want to see you guys because i thought you would've hated how i look and hated me." i was teary eyed.

Harry:" Katelyn we would never hate you, even if you changed your look we would still love you." he smiled at the end. My heart started to pound.

Me: " okay"

Liam:" now that we got that cleared let's ask you some questions to catch up" 

Oh no this will be bad.

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