Nothing Dull

A girl named Katelyn Nguyen had something every girl wanted. From the beginning of the life of One Direction to now. But there was something holding her back. Will it come back or not. She was a nerdy kid in school, but her life was never dull.


2. 2 years later

Its been two years since i saw my 5 best friends and my Uncle and I miss them to death. I get a call from them every once and a while but it's still not the same. Even though i don't have them with me I'm still happy. But there were times were i just sit down and think about all the good times we had together. The good old days. 

These two years were great. My appearance has changed no more glasses no pimples and no more braces. I also lost a lot of weight, and changed my hair. Its crazy how much i changed in the last 2 years but it was for the best of me. I'm still the same old me but i just look different that's all. I get hit on by guys but i just ignore them cause they only want me for sex or cause i was pretty. The people at school their jews dropped when they saw me. The boys try to flirt with me or ask me out i just turned them down. Like i said cause i was pretty. 

But i still get made front of cause i never had a boyfriend or my first kiss. I was just waiting for the right person. All of a sudden i get a call from Paul.

"hey paul what's up"

"hey sweetheart i was just asking if you wanted to come over. Im finally back." in an excited tone

"I would love too. Is there gonna be anyone else there?" 

"No just you and me kiddo." I know he's really happy by how he's talking.

"Ill be right over. Bye Paul."

"bye sweetheart" then we hanged up. I got dressed and headed out. What would Paul think about my new look. 

When I was out side his house my nerves started to kick in. Would he still love me or just be disappointed in me. I knocked on the door. Paul's eyes were wide.

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