When Zayn's little sister, Jasmine was 5 she was taken to live with her uncil in California. Zayn and Jasmine have always been close. Zayn finally decides its time to take Jasmine home with him. What will his bandmates think? Will there be romance?


9. On the Airplane

Jasmine: As we were walking to the airplane, Zayn was holding my hand so I couldn't get hurt by fans. When we got to the plane I was sitting by Zayn. "I am going to slep," I whispered to Zayn. Then I put my head on his shoulder and drifted into a scary dream.



I am walking to go see Zayn. When I arrived I saw my ex- Alex standing there. He had a knife and stabbed Zayn with it. "You ASSHOLE! How could you? He was my only family that loved me!" "I know that is why I took him away. I told you breaking up with me is something you will regret." I was awoken before anything else could happen.


Zayn: I looked at Jasmine and she had tears in her eyes. She was also saying "Why Zayn? Why him?" I slowly shook Jasmine awake and she was crying. All I could do was tell her everything will be okay and hug her. She slowly drifted back to sleep in my arms. So I let her sleep. The only thing I was thinking is I have to find out what her dream was about!

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