When Zayn's little sister, Jasmine was 5 she was taken to live with her uncil in California. Zayn and Jasmine have always been close. Zayn finally decides its time to take Jasmine home with him. What will his bandmates think? Will there be romance?


4. Morning

Zayn: I woke up at 5:00. Im just so excited to see my sister. I decided now would be the time to get ready. I took a 10 minute shower. I grabbed some clothes and the did my hair! By then it was only 5:30. Time to make breakfast for the boys. I made pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee. All of a sudden I hear someone yell food! I turn around and saw Niall. He was down first and then the biys soon followed. They ate most of the food because I was to nervous to eat!


Jasmine: I woke up at 6:15 to my alarm playing LWWY! Timefor me to get rady to see my brother! I took a shower, did my hair, and finished packing everything I needed. Last thing to do before I saw Zayn was to EAT! I think I will eat pankcakes. Cant ever forget my coffee. After eatting I  brushed my teeth and waited for Zayn. I grabbed my phone and played Temple Run on the couch waiting for Zayn!

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