When Zayn's little sister, Jasmine was 5 she was taken to live with her uncil in California. Zayn and Jasmine have always been close. Zayn finally decides its time to take Jasmine home with him. What will his bandmates think? Will there be romance?


13. Landing

Jasmine: We finally landed. I was woken up to Zayn poking my face. I got really annoyed. He picked me up bride stylend grabbed my stuff. He carried me all the way to bagage claim to get my back.


Liam: When I saw Zayn carrying Jasmine, I was jealous. I sighed and caught up to Louis. "Whats wrong LiLi?" "Nothing," I sighed. "Tell me NOW!" He demanded. "Fine. I think Im falling for Jasmine." "I knew it." We continue to walk to bagage claim quiet.

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