When Zayn's little sister, Jasmine was 5 she was taken to live with her uncil in California. Zayn and Jasmine have always been close. Zayn finally decides its time to take Jasmine home with him. What will his bandmates think? Will there be romance?


5. Car Ride and arriving

Zayns POV


I am so excited to see Jasmine, "Hurry up everyone!"

"Cool it Zayn. We're coming," said Louis.

"Im just so excited!" I yelled in Louis face.

"We can tell!" They all yell at me.

"Oh, one more thing. My sister is OFF limits!" I had to make sure OFF was the focus.

"No promises," said Harry.

"We promises, right Harry?" said Liam clamly.

"Fine," Harry said.

"Thank you. Time to go get Jasmine! Everyone in the car NOW!" I yelled. We all ran to the car.


*Skip Car Ride*


It was an hour drive. We finally pulled up and I sprinited to the door. I knocked on the doore. What felt like 10 minutes, she finally opened the door. "JASMINE!" I yelled pulling her into a hug. "Zayn! I missed you so much!" she said while crying. I heard all the biys yell "ZAYN!". I turned around and said "What?" While I was wiping mine and Jasmines tears. "Are you gong to introduce us?" asked Harry while Louis was noding. "Yep. Jasmine these are my band mates Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall." I said with the biggest smile EVER! "Hi everyone. Can we go NOW?" Jasmine said while yelling now in my ear. "Yes! Let's go!" I said.

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