When Zayn's little sister, Jasmine was 5 she was taken to live with her uncil in California. Zayn and Jasmine have always been close. Zayn finally decides its time to take Jasmine home with him. What will his bandmates think? Will there be romance?


1. Info

Jasmines POV: Hi! My name is Jamine Malik. Yes, Zayn malik is my brother. I love my brother more than anything. Some things about me. Favorite color-red. Favorite Band- One Direction (My brother is in the band). Favorite animal-dog. Well now that you know about me I am going to bed! Night!


Zayns POV: My name is Zayn Malik. I have a little sister. Her name is Jasmine and she is two years younger than me. I think I am going to bring her back home. I miss Jasmine with all my heart. I knnow exactly where ahe is. That wouuld be Califorina. When we have a concert there in three weeks, shes coming home with me. Well I am going to go text Jasmine. Bye!


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