Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


28. You Promised

*Harry's Pov*

Watching her run off crying tore my heart to pieces. I loved her. I always had. Ever since she left me with that simple letter I knew she would be my only love. From then on I had gone off girls and I had focused completely on my music. I had written songs about her that I hid away from everyone. Although one day Louis found them and he just held me while I cried out what I had been keeping inside. The boys all knew about how I felt. I was still with Bianca. I had been since the day Sarah told me she was going to kill herself. I had no idea why I was with Bianca. I didn't love her at all. I didn't know what I was thinking when I asked her to marry me. The boys didn't talk to me for weeks. I wouldn't of either I don't blame them. They knew how much I loved Sarah and I was marrying Bianca. Everyone said Bianca and I looked good and I just took that as the cue to ask her. I thought I needed to move on.

Seeing a little girl run up to me during my wedding asking if I was her Daddy stunned me. I looked at her and realized she looked just like Sarah and I but as a little girl. She was a piece of perfection. When I heard someone calling her name I froze. Darcy Styles. Her name was perfect too. When I saw Sarah my heart stopped, she was even more beautiful then before. Then seeing the pained look cross her face as she realised what was going on. Then hearing Sarah trying to convince Darcy I wasn't her dad. When I saw Darcy's green orbs shed tears, it felt like it was tearing me apart and I saw it was doing the same to Sarah. Then arguing with Sarah and hearing her tell me that I was there for the birth and I didn't even realise it and that she couldn't believe me and how stupid I was for having my wedding at her house and getting angry that she was there but hearing her give me the reasons on why Bianca was a whore made me realise just how stupid I been and how much it had hurt her. Then I slapped Sarah and she didn't even wince at the pain made me realize just how much she must be hurting inside if physical pain couldn't even hurt her. Then she saw the ring her father gave me to give to her but instead I was giving it to Bianca. It was Sarah's grandma's ring that she adored and seeing it there just broke her and she ran off crying. So here I am now, frozen and trying to decide what to do.

I turned my head to look at Louis, he mouthed 'Who do you love?' to me and I understood. I turned back to Bianca.

"Bianca, I don't love you, I can't marry you. You wrecked the best thing I had and that was my relationship with Sarah, the girl I love. I hate how you lied to me so many times, bye." I said then turned away. I picked up little Darcy who was crying.

"Hey Darcy, can you stay with Lou while I go find your mummy?" I said to her.

"Sure Daddy!" she said happily then I grabbed her small hand and led her to Lou. She then squealed in delight.

"LUCYYYY!" she squealed and ran over to Louis' and Ash's little girl. Ash and Lucy looked so much alike both with their natural red hair. I smiled at the sight before me and then ran off to go find Sarah.

I ran around the front to the place I knew she would be. Under the gazebo. I ran as fast as I could over to her. But the sight I saw in front of me was heart breaking. The nine, I think, gashes on her wrist and the blood that trickled down the piano was enough to tell me that she had had enough.

"You promised." I said causing her to look up.

"It just hurts" she croaked out the tears still cascading down her face.

"You're strong, four or five years since last time" I said sadly tears now running down my face. I sat down next to her and pulled her into me.

"Seven since I promised" she sobbed.

"Just don't do it again. " I said holding her tighter.

"I'm sorry Harry, I'm so sorry!" she said crying harder.

"I love you Sarah and I'm sorry I hurt you so much!" I said.

"I love you too Harry, forever" she whispered.

This was the start of our lives together. Properly.
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