Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


5. You Lied

I awoke to people shouting. Great. I climbed out of bed and quickly pulled on my clothes for the day.

I opened my bedroom door to see Liam, Louis and Harry shouting at each other.

"You can't do that to her!" Liam shouted.

"Your lying to her! Do you even care? She hates us all because of you and you think you can say sorry to her and everything's fine!" Louis shouted at Harry.

"Harry, when are you going to tell her? If you don't we will!" Liam shouted and walked off.

"She doesn't need your shit." Louis said to Harry.

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"Go on Harry, tell her!" Louis laughed angrily.

"I slept with Bianca last week when we got here." Harry said like it didn't matter. Bianca. He fucked Bianca. The girl who wrecked my life.

"Your unbelievable! You expected me to forgive you, you know what, have a good life without me!" I spat in his face. I raised my hand and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a hand mark. I walked off leaving him there standing. I was furious. He would have to work to gain my trust because I am sick of it and sick of him. He had sex with the girl I hated most and the girl who wrecked our friendship. His fame was obviously too important to him so I just walked out my front door and sat on the verandah contemplating what to do.

I had sat there for ten minutes until I heard the door open and someone standing in front of me. I raised my head to see Liam standing there.

"Hey Liam" I said with a blunt tone.

"Hey Sarah, are you alright?" Liam asked sounding concerned.

"Does it really matter, I don't understand why you are here, I thought you hated me." I said to Liam looking straight into his eyes.

"Yes, it matters. And look, none of us hate you. Harry made us do that because he was angry at you" Liam said to me.

"Look Liam, it's good to know you don't hate me but I'll never forgive Harry. I mean, he slept with the girl who wrecked our friendship. I just wish he realised that she didn't deserve him." I told him. I smiled at Liam and got up and walked back inside and into the lounge room where everyone but Harry was sitting.

"Hey guys!" I said with a genuine smile.

"Oh hey Sarah, I was wondering, do you like carrots?" Louis said out of the blue.

"Yeah, they are my favorite vegetable! Why?" I asked with a laugh. I was extremely confused.

"I love carrots! Yay!" Louis squealed back bouncing up and down on the couch. Everyone laughed and his random-ness.

"Oh Sarah! I forgot to ask, will you be my maid of honour at my Wedding? You see, there isn't really anyone else. It's going to be you and Gemma." Alexis asked. She must have gotten over the fact that I cut my wrists, a long time ago.

"Of course I would Alexis! Oh my god! I feel so special!" I squealed and ran up to hug her. She pushed me off her causing me to fall flat on my arse.

"Everyone come outside we have organized a family picnic!" My dad called. Everyone jumped up and practically ran outside.

The was a huge picnic rug loaded with food and fairy lights covered the trees. Sitting on the rug were five pretty girls. The boys all squealed and ran up to the girls twirling them in their arms. Their girlfriends. I knew that all of them had girlfriends apart from Harry.

"Uh Dad? Who did you invite for Harry?" My sister asked practically reading my mind.

"Bianca of course! They are together right? He looked totally in love with her on tour? Why?" He replied smiling like a proud father. My dad. I was shaking with anger. I looked over to Harry who was snogging Bianca. My hands were balled into fists to stop me from punching something.

"I can't eat with you guys, not without punching her in the face!" I said truthfully walking back inside. I was disgusted, completely disgusted. if she came anywhere near me tonight I was not hesitating to slap her. That fake bitch was at my house with the people I love and was doing what I should be doing; being in Harry's arms. But no, he chose her. He told me he hadn't spoken to each other since that night but now they are together? Fuck him, I don't need him. He wants to lie and play games with my head? Well two can play that game. Let the games begin.

I walked outside and sat down with everyone, smiling. This summer was going to be eventful.


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