Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


12. You Left Me

2 months and 16 days. I was in a coma for 2 months and 16 days. I woke up just then and thats what my parents told me. The room smells sterile and it's making me feel dizzy. I just got my voice back, I had to drink so much water. The best part is I can move and see again. I heard everything that everyone said but that was so weird. I tuned out of what my parents were saying because it was all crap. I thought back to what Harry said. He did truly love me. He always had. According to Alexis they couldn't take it and all left not saying when they would be back. Also Louis asked Ash to be his girlfriend a week after he woke up. Apparently he took her to a carnival and asked her on the ferris wheel.

So now I am alone again. My sister is moving and my dad is with the boys. I do have my mum but we have our differences. I needed Harry, Ash and the boys. I knew I would slowly fall apart. I knew everything would slowly fall apart and I wouldn't be able to take the pain. I would wait for him to come back. He has to.


*3 months later*

I have finished my recovery and things were back to normal. I haven't seen Harry or any of them since. I feel like piece of me is missing. I need him so much. My heart is broken and I'm always crying.

Today Alexis is taking me shopping for bridesmaid dresses. I don't want to go but she is forcing me. Apparently we HAVE to go to central London because they have the best shops. Great.


*Harry's Pov of the day Sarah woke up.*

"She is Dead?" I asked confused.

"Yes Harry, Sarah never woke up and today she stopped breathing, I'm so sorry Harry." Alexis said back clearly. She didn't sound upset but who cares, Sarah is gone. I hung up the phone and broke down. Tears pooling on the ground as I curled up into a ball. The sobs could be heard throughout the house causing everyone to come downstairs.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Louis asked me. I could barely breathe.

"S-She's D-Dead-d" I stuttered out causing everyone to gasp.

"Who's dead?" Ash asked me. I took a deep breath. I hadn't said her name ever since I left her.

"Sarah" I said then louder sobs ran through my body. Louis came over and pulled me into a hug, he didn't let go until I had calmed myself.

"Aw babe, it will be okay." Amelia said. Amelia is my girlfriend. She found me upset on the street when I left the hospital and we became really close so I asked her to be my girlfriend. No one approved of her. They thought I was using her, which yes, I was. I was using her to get rid of the pain.

"Amelia, you don't even know who she is." Zayn said bitterly to her. She looked shocked at his rudeness.

"Well who is she then?" Amelia asked back. I wonder how she would take this.

"The love of his life." Naill said blankly, wiping away tears.

"W-What?" Amelia stuttered.

"He doesn't love you, he used you to ease the pain, he did like you but it will never be as strong as it was for Sarah, sorry." Ash said nicer then the boys.

Amelia just looked at me. I nodded my head. She just sat back down next to me and whispered and 'I'm sorry' in my ear. We stayed like that for three hours.

I remember running out of the hospital. I don't know whether it was smart or not. I ran and ran until I could barely breathe. I broke down on the path and Amelia walked past and sat down asking me if I was okay. She knew who I was but didn't care. She took me back to hers and made me feel welcome. She was very pretty. Long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She didn't wear any makeup and she was tall and tan. She was extremely nice and very funny. In just one hour she made me do something I didn't want to do but she made me forget Sarah. The pain went away and I was fine. Even though she wasn't Sarah, the love of my life.


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