Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


9. Saving Louis

Harry and I were sitting together laughing at our old memories when we heard shouting and yelling from the house. We turned to see Louis walking down the drive angrily. I quickly got up and ran over to him.

"LOUIS!" I said.

"What?" He replied angrily.

"What are you doing Lou?" I asked him.

"Going anywhere but in that house!" He said still angry.

"Why?" I asked having to run to keep up with him.

"I caught Zayn kissing Ash and I thought Ash liked me" He said angrily.

"Ash does like you! You are all she ever talks about! Has Zayn said anything about her?" I asked expectantly.

"Yeah, he said she had an amazing body and wouldn't mind getting with her." he said thoughtfully.

"Louis, I think he might of kissed her" I said trying to get him to stop walking.

"Too late, I need to get away from there." he said and kept walking.
I was puffed from running so I just watched him. I walked after him. When I saw him about to cross the street, when there was a green light. I don't think he noticed because he started walking.

"LOUIS!" I screamed and ran after him and pushed him away onto the concrete path letting the car smash into my body.


*Louis Pov*

I was pushed down onto the concrete, my head hitting the ground hard. What had happened? I tried to get up but my head was spinning and I was losing control of my body. People where rushing around and sirens were going off. I looked out onto the road to see a girl laying there, blood leaking from her head, Sarah. What had I done? Is she alive? Please please please let her be alive. I felt tears stream down my face as I pulled my phone out and dialed my best friend: Harry.

"Haz, I'm so sorry, she was hit by a car saving me, Harry, she is being taken to the hospital, I'm sorry, I'm so so so sorry." I sobbed into the phone and hung up. Darkness surrounding me.


*Harry's Pov*

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.
That was what all my focus was on. Sarah, Louis and breathing.
Sarah was in surgery and Louis was unconcious and had concussion. We were packed into the waiting room. Ash was angry at herself. Zayn was quiet. Liam was pacing. Niall was eating comfort food. Peter and Jill were holding each other and whispering. James was comforting Alexis. While I sat here, focusing on breathing. I had stopped my sobs but the never-ending flow of tears was still going. My two best friends. My love and my best mate. If I lost either of them it was going to be hard, I wouldn't be able to cope. I love Sarah, yes, love. She means the world to me, her smile, her laugh, her voice, her eyes and how they sparkle when she is happy, our memories from our childhood, how she can stand up for herself, how she has walls up because she doesn't trust anyone, how even though she is rich she doesn't act stuck up, it's more rude, how she loves anything to do with music, how beautiful her voice sounds when she sings, how she captivates me. She was my idea of perfection. Louis, my best friend. He is funny and a bit weird. How he is so trustworthy and gives me great advice. How he always knows how to fix things, how he is older then all of us yet is the most immature, how he is my best friend. I was in shock. Sarah had saved my best friend's life. Yet she thought he hated her, she could've watched him get hit but instead she risked her on life for him. She could be dead, but she will of died saving him. The love of my life saved my best friend. She truly is amazing.

The waiting room smelled sterile and was giving me a headache. I had ran all the way to the emergency room when Louis had called me so I badly needed a drink of water. The room fell quiet as a doctor walked in.

"Are you Sarah and Louis' friends?" the doctor asked. We all nodded or murmured a yes.

"Well, Louis is awake now and has been asking for a Harry. He was fine, only knocked unconscious. As for Sarah though, we are sad to say that she is in a coma and we are unsure of when she will wake up. You may go see either of them but Louis would like to speak to Harry alone first. Sarah is in room 266 and Louis 269." the doctor said then walked away. Everyone got up and started to go to Sarah's room. I sat there, steadying my breathing. When it had finally calmed I got up and walked throughout the corridors to find room 269. I had finally reached the doors after meekly smiling at the nurses and doctors. I slowly pushed it open and walked through to find Louis just lying on the bed. He must of heard my footsteps because his head turned to my direction and he tried to smile.

"Hey Lou" I said quietly.

"I'm so sorry Harry" Louis whispered.

"I know you are" I whispered back.

"Is she alright?" He said worriedly.

"She is in a coma, that's all I know" I said trying to stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks but unfortunately I was unsuccessful, they flowed freely down my cheeks. I collapsed into the chair next to Louis' bed as the sobs struck through me. My vision was blurred and I couldn't breathe properly.

"I-I l-love her so much L-Lou, I-I can't l-live with-thout her" I tried to get out as the sobs slowly subsided. I slowly lifted my head from my hands and looked up to Louis.

"Go see her" He whispered. I pulled myself from the chair and walked out of the room, everyone's faces watched me with concern. There was no one in the room with Sarah. I needed that. I was going in there alone. To see what had happened to my love. I could only hope that she wasnt in too critical a state. I bet she never thought she would end up in a hospital on her birthday. I wished she didn't.


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