Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


24. My Baby Is Coming, That's All!

I've been living in Australia for six months now. Things have been great. I am living in a flat I bought. It's small with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and a living room. It's perfect for me seeing as my modeling and journalism jobs are out of the house. The due date for my birthday is sometime in the week coming. I'm all ready for it. My bump is absolutely huge. I'm finding it very hard to walk and it has changed me appearance a lot. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and they confirmed that the little person growing inside of me is a girl. A beautiful little girl. I was so excited for her to come. Everybody I meant usually commented on the fact I would be a single mother or that I wouldn't have enough money to raise her with. It hurt that not once had I been asked if I was excited or if I had any ideas for names, not that I needed any. I had the perfect name for her. It was the name Harry and I had decided on when we were younger.

So today I was going to interview a famous celebrity. I was extremely excited to meet them. I didn't have to wear professional clothes as my bump wouldn't allow me to fit into any. I was meant to be on maternity leave a week ago but I had some important interviews to do. So as I uncomfortably walked into the reception, I was stunned to see Ash sitting on the seats.

"Ash?" I asked confused.

"Sarah? Is that you? Oh my god your bump is huge! And here we were thinking you weren't pregnant!" she said laughing.

"We?" I asked confused.

"Uh the boys are here for an interview....." she said nervously.

"Oh, cool well I have to go, great to see you Ash!" I said then quickly walked away. I walked straight to the meeting room hoping this celebrity wouldn't be early.

I hobble inside and went to sit on a chair provided but when I finally looked up, I froze. One Direction were sitting there completely oblivious of who I was.

"Uh, hi I'm Sarah and I'll Uh, be your interviewer today" I said smiling. I felt my stomach lurch and then looked down to see a wet patch forming between my legs.

"Oh my god!" I said taking deep breaths.

"Uh excuse me Sarah, are you okay?" Niall asked me nervously.

"Perfectly fine Niall, my baby is coming that's all" I said then stood up. Hearing me say my baby was coming was enough to kick them into gear. Louis picked me up and carried me out to my car.

"Louis, drive my Porsche please, it has my hospital bag in it" I said between breaths.

He quickly climbed in and started driving be car, fast. He found the hospital easily and instructed the boys to get my stuff whilst he carried me inside.

He practically ran up to the front desk with me in his arms.

"I'm Louis and this Sarah Evans and her baby is coming" he said in between breaths. The lady at the desk ran to get a wheel chair leaving Louis behind and me to have this baby on my own.

(Sorry guys I'm only 13 so I have no idea how to right a pregnancy scene. So let's pretend we went through the whole painful bit and we can go from there? Sorry for any sadness or inconvenience.)

Three hours of pain and deep breaths later and a little girl was placed in my arms. She had stopped crying as soon as she was put into my arms. I smiled down to my beautiful daughter. I ran a finger down the side of her cheek when all of a sudden one of her little hands moved up and gripped onto it and her eyes flashed open revealing her green orbs. Tears had run down my cheeks at that special moment.

"Darcy Isabella Styles" I whispered down to her. Upon hearing this the mid-wife wrote that down on the birth certificate.

"Who is the father?" she asked me.

"Harry Styles. I'm not sure if he is in the waiting room anymore." I said to her and then the doors opened allowing Louis and Harry to walk in. They walked up to me and then stared down at the little girl in my arms.

"She's so beautiful!" Louis said with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"She is the most perfect little person I have ever met, what I would do to be her father." He said smiling in adoration. I looked up to him in disbelief and felt my heart break in that instant. He didn't recognize me. He forgot me.

"Hey Haz, I think we should leave them alone now, I'll be out in a second" Louis said practically pushing Harry out of the door causing me to laugh.

"Was that the father?" the mid-wife asked me.

"Yes, but I don't want him to know it's me. Can you please put his name on the certificate now?" I asked politely to which she just nodded.

"What's her name?" Louis asked smiling.

"Darcy Isabella Styles" I said smiling down to her again.

"Harry would of loved that. Don't worry about him not realizing it was you. He will soon. He is just trying to blank you from his mind, he doesn't shut up about you, you seem to always be on his mind and he is almost healing. I'll tell you about it, when you have some spare time to get a coffee, Ash would love to catch up" Louis said sadly.

"Louis, take care of him for me. Please don't let him make a wrong decision based on me. You could tell me now, Darcy is asleep and your interview is canceled. Louis, did I make the wrong decision?" I said trying to stop myself from crying.

"I can't stop him but I can guide him. You didn't make the wrong decision. This is the worst I've seen Harry. It really hurt him to see you go. I know he wanted to run after you and stop you but he wanted to do what's best for you. He has punched at least five holes in the wall. He barely gets any sleep and he doesn't want to talk to anyone at all. He is getting better though, I hate to say this but I think it's his girlfriend that's helping the most. You will always the perfect girl for him. I hope you return to Holmes Chapel one day just so he can see that beautiful little girl. Sarah, you changed his life and you made him realize just how much he needed you. When he cheated on you, he wasn't thinking but I know he regrets it but I think because of that it proved just how one thing could wreck your relationship. Sarah, take care of yourself and Darcy and I look forward to seeing her in a few years. Smile Sarah, she's perfect." He said then got up and walked out of the room. I looked down to Darcy and she slowly opened her eyes, her green orbs tearing through me and making my heart melt. She was my world now. As soon as I looked at her this crazy motherly love overcame me. She is so precious and small with her tiny hands and feet, her cute toothless smile and her three little ringlets of hair that sit on the top of her head. I knew what Louis said was right, I had to go back to Holmes Chapel and to see all the boys. I'll wait until Darcy is three. That gives me three years and them three years. Three years to prepare myself and to move on from Harry. All that mattered now was giving my little Darcy the best life possible.
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