Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


25. Little Darcy Is My World

It's been almost three years since I had my little Darcy and she is the most beautiful girl ever. She is an extremely intelligent little girl. She can already walk and she is starting to talk. Her first word was Mumma and that day I burst instantly Ito tears. I was so proud. Her little ringlets of hair had grown down to her shoulders and were in a little bob of ringlet curls, her eyes lashes were a dark black and her lips were almost full red so she would never need lipstick. Her natural beauty was pretty amazing for an almost three year-old. In the first year everything I did was completely devoted to her. All my time is still devoted to her and only her. I have taken time off of work because as a single mother i am Darcy's only carer. We spend all our time together apart from her three days at kinder. She has a best friend named Lucy, who vaguely reminds me of someone else I know but I can't put my finger on who. Lucy is moving away today which is really heartbreaking for Darcy. For half a year they were best friends and practically inseparable but not once had I met or heard of her parents. Lucy has like proper red hair and bright blue eyes and she reminds me so much of someone.

I had read about Harry. His life seemed to be going well. The band has put out 6 albums in 4 years and has gotten countless awards and their fans still adore them. Louis and Ash apparently had a baby girl and are to be married soon. Harry is engaged as well to a brown headed girl whose name is Madison, I think. Liam is also engaged to a girl named Danielle and they had a baby boy. Niall and Zayn have girlfriends. I have not seen them since the birth of Darcy. I do think about them sometimes but I think I'm over Harry.

I still live in the same flat but I love it. It's so cozy. I am going back to Holmes Chapel tomorrow and I'm extremely nervous. I asked Louis when and he said tomorrow so that's why. I really want to catch up with them but I also wish I didn't convince myself to go back. I had my model body back and I looked like I did before my pregnancy so you could say I had my 19 year-old body! I can wear heels and dresses again and little Darcy just wears cute sundresses in summer and then whatever she likes in Winter.

Every time Darcy meets someone new she seems to have an effect on them causing them to be practically mesmerized by her. Her and Lucy are the cutesy together. I really wish Lucy didn't have to move because her and Darcy would be the two girls everybody loves and they would be the best of friends.

Their goodbye to each other at kinder yesterday was adorable they just hugged each other and kissed each other on the cheek. I don't think they understood what was happening. I even se a tear at the shear cuteness of it all. I was annoyed about no being able to see Lucy's parents but I let that pass.

Darcy was the happiest little girl I had ever met! She was always smiling or laughing and only got angry when something annoyed her or challenged her. She really ever kept me up when she was a small baby. She was just the perfect little baby.

The worst part was when she learned that she was the only kid in kinder who didn't have a father. She would always ask me where her Daddy was and would just avoid it. It was terrible. Seeing the hurt on her face when I basically say that she doesn't have a Daddy practically tore me to pieces. The worst part was that she loved One Direction's music but I would never let her see what they looked like, I know it sounds stupid but I didn't want them in her life, at least not as the famous boyband One Direction.

Tomorrow was going to be the day that would make or break me. I knew I would meet Madison and have to face Harry and the boys but most importantly give Louis a big hug. He had spoken to his management and they had managed to slip me a bit of money on Harry's behalf but without him knowing. Those boys were truly amazing.

A/N Authors Note
Sorry about the short chapter it was just a filler chapter
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