Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


17. It Was All Worth It

It's been three weeks since Sarah and I got together. Today we would be announcing it to the world and I'm really nervous. What if the fans didn't like her? What if they get angry? What if they send her hate? What if she can't take it and leaves? Shut up Harry. I was being ridiculous.


"So which of you are single?" the interviewer Sally asked.

"I am" Niall said.

"I am too" Zayn said.

"What about you Harry?" Sally asked.

"I'm not single, I'm with my beautiful girlfriend Sarah." I said blushing slightly. The audience 'aww'd' and I laughed.

"So tell us about Sarah?" Sally asked me.

"We were childhood best friends." I said blushing.

"and he had to prove to her that what he felt was real because he had wrecked their friendship when he became famous" Zayn continued.

"Yeah, they hated each other." Niall joined in.

"She wanted nothing to do with him, but it was obvious she had fell for him. Harry took forever trying to win her over. But when she saved Louis' life and we were told she was killed poor Harry was heartbroken. He then went out with Amelia" Zayn continued again.

"Then three weeks ago when we were shopping in Central London. She was there and one of our fans tripped her and called her names so she went off about how she saved Louis' life and that should all be thankful. Like seriously she silenced every single one of them, which was awesome." Niall continued.

"Then we went to Nando's and she was there. Louis was the only one who knew she was alive so he went over to speak to her and then when he came back Sarah got up to get some sauce for her food and Amelia went up to Sarah and poured water over her head and accused her of trying to steal Louis from Sarah's best friend Ash. So Sarah went off and completely owned her. Amelia slapped her and Sarah just laughed but then Sarah slapped Amelia and she started crying, it was quite funny. The boys and I were all stunned, I mean we thought Sarah was dead!" Liam said.

"Harry, then broke up with Amelia and ran out of Nando's after Sarah. They admitted that the were head-over-heels in love with each other and had their perfect kiss in the rain." Louis finished while I just sat their blushing and smiling like an idiot.

"Aw, Harry, that's quite a story" Sally said.

"It was all worth it" I said smiling.

"Harry's in loooveeeeee!" Louis squealed like a girl. Causing everyone in the studio audience to laugh.

"Well thank you boys, that's all the time we have for you today! It was great to talk to you!" She said then we were all ushered off the stage. I checked my twitter to see what the fans thought. There wasn't a single bad tweet. I smiled happily to myself and walked over to Sarah who was smiling like an idiot. She stood up and we hugged each other tightly.

"You are such an idiot, I loved you the whole time" she said laughing.

"You could have told me, it would of been easier and I wouldn't of hurt you like I did!" I said fake being annoyed.

"Nah, it was worth it!" she said smiling with adoration. I pecked her on the lips and hugged her again.


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