Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


23. I'm Going To Have This Baby, With Or Without Harry

Opening your eyes and realising your laying on concrete with heaps of strangers surrounding you is extremely weird. They are all staring at you and then their is a few people helping you. So you have a whole crowd aroud you because you accidently fainted. Then your head is spinning and you feel the urge to throw up but you really don't want to because there is a bunch of strangers watching you. That's how I feel right now.

I slowly sat up and the pounding in my head got worse. A lady came and shoved a panadol and bottle of water in my face. I glady took it and gulped down the water. A doctor from inside the clinic asked about the baby and said I should be fine. I decided I wanted to keep the baby. I am going to have this baby with or without Harry.

After I had thanked the doctors for helping me I slowly walked home. I was exhausted. I decided that if anyone asked where I had gotten to I would say I went to the clinic and got an abortion. I knew Harry would find out and they would all just leave me alone. I would tell my mum I was definitely having the baby and that I needed her. I would leave Harry to live his perfect famous life and I would become the Mum to a beautiful person. Harry could come into the baby's life if he wanted but for now he was out. He didn't want me and so now I didnt want him.

I looked up to the sky to see the water still pouring down. I just smiled to myself. I put my hands in the air and spun around in a circle letting the rain soak into my skin. I laughed to myself completely unsure of why. I knew people were staring but I didn't care. I was on my own from now on and I was free. I stopped spinning and kept on walking.

I had reached the gate Harry's house and I looked at his house and saw everyone inside. I quickly walked up the path towards his door. I stopped at the mat and placed the white letter on the ground. I knocked on the door and walked away quickly. I laughed as I opened the gate. I turned back to see Harry standing there watching me. I gave him a small wave and walked away. I walked out of the gate and down the concrete path towards my house, smiling. I trudged down my driveway and up to my front door. I opened the door and walked into the kitchen prepared to tell Mum about my desicion.


*Harry's Pov*

We sat in silence in my loungeroom, everyone lost in their thoughts. I heard someone knock on the door and I slowly got up to open it. When I opened the door my breathing hitched in my throat as I heard her beautiful laugh. I stared at her watching her walk away from me. She stopped at the gate and turned to me and gave a smile and a small wave, her whole body drenched from the rain. Then she just walked away. I looked down to the ground a saw the white letter with my name on the front. I bent down to pick it up and turned the envelope over in my hands and slowly opened it.


I wonder if Louis told you about the letter Ash wrote to him when she found out what you two did to us. If he did then this is mine, except I wrote this the day I found out I was pregnant. I want to be in your head right, knowing exactly what you would think when I told you. I remember that night clearly. It was in the last week of our relationship when you took me out to the beautiful italian restaurant and then we danced by the lake under the fireworks because it was New Years Eve and you wanted it to be something I would remember forever. Well I will always remember it, Harry it was the most amazing night of my life. The events that happened when we got home led to what is happening in my life now. I am kind of stunned but I am happy. In a few days once it sinks in I am coming over to your house to tell you about the baby. Whatever you reaction is will be what my next actions are. I'll give you this letter on the exact same day and you will have to guess what I did. I am not telling you. I am leaving your life. I am sick of the pain that you caused. I am focusing on my future. Harry, I need to move on because clearly you have, already. Did you ever think how much it would hurt me to see you move on straight away? or is this what you wanted to happen? Did you cheat on me on purpose just so you could get rid of me? Harry, i'm not sticking around to hear you reasons. I just hope that girl makes you happy. I hope you're happy because right now i'm not or maybe I am?

Thanks for all the amazing memories,

Sarah Evans.

I dropped the letter and fell to my knees. I buried my head in my heads and let the tears fall. She's officially gone. The way I feel about her is stronger than anything I've ever felt for anyone before. She killed the baby. She had to. My reaction was me punching the wall and saying some crap and not running after her so her actions would of been to run straight to the clinic. It was a fair while before she had came back so she must of. I had just lost the girl of my dreams and the little person inside her that I could've called my own. I fel someone sit down beside me, pull my head into their chest and hug me tightly.

"It will be ok Harry, it will" The person whose voice I recognised as Louis' tried to calm me.

"T-That's a l-lie, I l-love her a-and she's g-g-gone" I tried to get out with my sobs and hiccups getting in the way. I was trembling in his arms. I was truly heartbroken and for once I felt like Sarah would've all the times I had hurt her and left her before. For once I felt alone. For once I realised just how much I needed Sarah in my life but this time she wasn't coming back.


*Louis' Pov*

Feeling Harry tremble and shake in my arms made me realise just how much he needed Sarah and just how easily he could break her. He had made so many mistakes in the past. She was always what created his problems but she was the only person who could fix them. She was gone now and no one but her could fix the hole in his heart. I looked up to see Anne watching her son cry and I saw a couple of tears run down her cheeks too. We were in the middle of the door way so the door was open and the rain was pouring down on the both of us. I look towards the road to see a black porsche drive past and I looked into the drivers seat to see Sarah looking back. She stopped the car and just sat there looking at Harry. Tears started to flood down her face and she quickly wiped them away. I placed Harry down and stood up and quickly walked to Sarah's car. I walked up to it and knocked on the window and she slowly wound it down.

"Don't do this to him" I pleaded with her btu she just shook her head.

"Why shouldn't I? Now he knows what it feels like. Although I'm just leaving for a while not having sex with some guy that he hates with a passion." She said angrily.

"That was a drunken mistake" I said to her.

"He had a girlfriend within the next week. The pain he's feeling right now is the pain I constantly felt for three years and this past week. I'm sick of it" she said back sadly.

"So you want him to feel like that too" I said annoyed with her.

"Yes, of course I do. Hey, I am still going to hurt too. I am in love with him but he doesnt love me back. So while I go have a baby by myself without him he can go live his famous life." She said back angrily.

"He loves you though. He needs you in his life. He wants to have the baby with you!" I said trying to get her to understand me.

"Needs me in his life? What as? The girl who is has to watch him be with another girl. No. Remember that fight I had with him at his get together? Do you remember what he said?" she asked me.

"He wants you as more then that. He said take a look around, i'm famous and you're just plain you, i think?" I said.

"No he doesn't want me. Exactly! Those 11 words are what remind me of him and they always will. They are the words that hurt the most. Goodbye Louis." She said then wound her window up and drove away leaving me standing there.

She wasn't coming back. Harry needed her but she thought he didn't. I will never understand that girl. I just hope she realises this is a mistake. I hope she comes back.
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