Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


15. I Think He's The One, I Really Do


I walked into Nando's with Sarah, holding hands. I am finally able to call her mine. I finally felt complete. I knew the boys would approve of her. I knew a lot of people would and if they didnt, she wouldn't care. I loved the fact that she loves me because i'm her Harry. Her best friend. Not because I'm Harry Styles 1/5 of a famous boyband. She doesnt want the fame but she can deal with it. She was my idea of perfection. I had lost her too many times and now she was finally mine. I regret all those other girls I slept with that she hated. I regret turning into s cocky and arrogant prick that treated her like shit. To be honest, I hated myself every time I saw her cry or I yelled at her or she was in pain because of me. I hated knowing that I was the only one who could truly break her. I knew I would do anything for her. I always had. Ever since I could actually feel romantic feelings for a girl. I always thought Sarah was the one. I saw how other boys drooled over her and how they wished they were me. I saw how they acted when she was drunk and vulnerable. So many times I thought she had sex but there wasn't one. I had. I had a long time ago. I knew I wanted, no needed to be her first. I actually think she needed me to be her first. I looked down at her and smiled. She truly was my everything.

"You guys are drenched!" Ash said shking her head disapprovingly.

"I don't care. The rain made it all perfect!" Sarah smiled and giggled happily. 

"Sar, can we speak outside for a minute darling. I don't want them to hear you excitement." Ash said laughing then dragged her outside. The boys all turned to me.

"FINALLY!" Louis cheered pulling me into a hug which was soon joined by the other boys. 

"You finally did it man, took you long enough! When are you telling the world?" Liam asked.

"Tomorrow's interview. I want it to happen soon, I don't want to hide her. I don't think I could." I said getting lost in thoughts about her.

"Wow, he really does feel the way he says!" Niall said clicking his fingers in front of my face.

"I think she's the one lads, I truly do." I said. We all hugged again the boys cheering.


*Sarah's Pov*

As soon as we stepped outside Ash turned to me.

"Alright Spill" She said. That was all I needed to here.

"He loves me. He said he said he loves me! ahhssundusydysnsudysnfignsuwhydngsyd" I said then squealed loudly. Ash and I started dancing around like crazy not caring who saw us. I was over the moon. I could finally call my Harry mine. I loved him and he loved me back. I knew our relationship would be hard but in the end it would be worth it.

I knew he was the one. Everything about him amazed me and I couldn't feel anything stronger then what I do for him.

"Ash, I think he's the one, i truly do." I whispered.

"I think he is too" She said laughing.

I knew it. How? because I had the urge to always be near him and to always see his smile. I needed his kiss and hugs. I needed him. Harry was all I needed.

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