Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


19. I Ruined It, Again

*Harry's Pov*

We had just finished recording and so we decided to go to a club and party. We were dancing like maniacs when two really hot girls came up to us. I swear I had seen them before but in my drunken haze i didnt really care. Louis and the girls made conversation while I just smiled and kept on dancing. One of the girls came up to me and we started grinding each other. I hadn't even asked her for her name when she led me out of the club and started making out with me in front of all the paps. They were loving it and so was she. I was too drunk to even remember my girlfriend I had spent years chasing. Finally the taxi arrived for us and she pulled me into it and gave the adress to her hotel. In that second when I heard her voice I knew she wasn't from here. She was british. I had definitely spoke to her before. She was extremely familiar. When we arrived at the hotel she took me up to her room and well you don't need the rest in detail.

My head was banging and I had a killer hangover. I slowly opened my eyes to adjust to the light. I looked around to find myself in a bedroom I don't remember. I don't remember how I got here. I looked down at the un-made spot next to me in the bed and found a note: Had an amazing night Harry, good to see you again, i wonder what your girlfriend will feel when she hears about this! ;) good luck. I froze. What had I done? I quickly got out of bed and got changed and rummaged through my pockets to find my phone. 6 missed calls and 5 messages. 

'1 missed call Zayn. 2 missed calls Louis. 3 missed calls Liam' 

The messages were all the same. I rang Louis.

"Hey Lou" I said.

"Harry! What have you done? Where are you? We need to catch a plane soon!" He yelled into the phone. I told him where I was and what had happened. I felt like. He told me that the girl and him had started making out and all the paps got pictures so we are on the covers of heaps of magazines.

When we had gotten back into london we were going to go straight to the house. We were walking through the park and mucking around when a girl came up to us and looked extremely pissed off. Her recently died red hair blowing everywhere. Ash. She walked straight up to me and did not hesitate to throw her fist into my face. I felt the blood rushing to my nose and I held it in pain. She had a good punch. She walked up to Louis and slapped him hard, leaving a nice read hand mark. What I heard next stunned me.

"You both cheated on us, you are disgusting!" She yelled then walked away and over to a girl who was trembling and obviously crying. Sarah. She shook her head then was dragged away by Ash.

The boys and I were all stunned. Blood was still puring out of my nose and Louis was rubbing his cheek. We started to walk back to the house. When we finally got there I ran straight up to my room. Inside was a huge mess, everything of Sarah's was gone, all my stuff was on the ground, every picture we had on the wall had been torn down and the necklace I had given to Sarah was broken and on the made-up bed. I walked over to the wall and threw a punch at it causing my fist to go straight through the wall. I kicked at it and punched it and screamd and then when I was exhausted I fell to the ground and curled up into a ball crying. The best thing I had was now officially gone and it would be nearly impossible to get her back. Good one Harry.


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